Monday , January 18 2021

Top Tech Prospectors by 2020

Randstad's consulting firm identifies the needs already being generated in large data, blocks, robots, and cybersecurity.

The boom of digitization transforms the labor market. And, as Tomás Casas, a Randstad consultant specializing in the search for IT candidates, has created new job opportunities and challenges for professionals, especially in the technology field.

According to their analysis by 2020, the most sought after profiles of organizations in all areas will correspond to large data, block, robotics and cybersecurity jobs. "And there will be companies with this type of workers who can deliver the differential value to their customers, lead the technology and take the lead in the market in their industry," says the expert.

Explained by technology, he adds that a multisectoral tool that allows blocking and encryption to protect the confidentiality of all kinds of transactions and make it more secure – the so-called block-chain – will require profiles with knowledge in programming, legal aspects, as well as economic specialists and hardware and software architecture.

In the case of large data, Casas says it is necessary to encourage a new type of professional who brings knowledge to IT but also generates value by putting technology at the service of the business so the data analyst and architects will need from large data,

In the area of ​​cybersecurity, an area that is already developing and expanding, according to Casas, because the rapid development of new technology tools has led to a series of fraudulent and illegal practices, "companies have begun to seek security auditors for a regulatory approach, experts in the field data protection, processes and procedures, and ethical hacking consultants focusing on security and vulnerability analysis. "

Considering that the Internet of Things (IoT) – a concept that concerns the digital connection of everyday objects to the network, the expert confirms that it will continue to expand in different areas of everyday life both in companies and at home . "For example, in the logistics and hotel sector, this type of device is already in use, so some fast food restaurants have a terminal that informs the customer when the order is ready and the traffic measurement, environmental measurement and healthcare system to we will name a few elements, require M2M telecoms and IoT solutions architecture, while digital channels will require a digital business analyst and ecommerce delivery manager, "Casas said.

In Robotics, he says that RPA developers or real-time applications with high computer knowledge and experience in process automation projects will be needed. "More and more companies are investing in this area because they generate significant savings and reduce the burden on people so they can focus on larger tasks," he explains.

In any case, he emphasizes that the level of moderate skills these professionals must possess is also high. "Indeed, the market requires strong, problem-solving people, prepared to live in a changing environment, empathically, with emotional intelligence to work in a multidisciplinary environment, and prepared to cooperate with all departments of the company and with vision. he.

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