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Trump believes Christian Bale is really Bruce Wayne

Trump believes Christian Bale is really Bruce Wayne

12 DEC 2018 / cinema

The actor who starred in The Dark Knight trilogy revealed that the president of the United States was kidnapped by the fiction of their meeting.

In 2011 Christopher Nolan shot again The Dark Knight rises Trump Tower, the place that served as a place for Wayne Enterprises during the development of its acclaimed trilogy.

But this time the building of the current president of the United States was also the place for a meeting between him and the actor after Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale.

In an interview with the Variety site, Bale revealed that he had ever met Trump and that He treated him as if it were Wayne herself.

"I met him once," Bale said. "We shot Batman in the Trump Tower and he told me I was going to the office.

"I think he thought he was Bruce Wayne because he was dressed like Bruce Wayne, "Bale said. "So he talked to me as if it were Bruce Wayne and I just went with him, really. Was a lot of fun. I had no idea that at that time he was thinking of becoming a president.

The actor does not describe in detail what Trump has been doing while he believed he was the man after Batman. but the President of the United States can expect everything.

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