Thursday , November 26 2020

Twitter's Marcello Diaz's Twitter request to fans: "Worth being applauded – National Football

© Agency One Order via Twitter to Marcello Diaz of the fans:

The Racing steering wheel refers to the party that will challenge the "Fantasista" and this will mean its ultimate farewell to professional football. TVN


When they took minutes Chilean University will skip to the field at the national stadium Sports Iquique, steering wheel Race Marcelo Diaz make a special order via twitter for fans.

The message points to David Pizarro, who was going to play his last game as a professional footballer this afternoon.

"Maybe today is David Pizarro's last game at the national stadium, he made an enviable race and deserves to admire, an example to follow, my respect for him," the message said.

"He deserves to be applauded until he succeeds in showing recognition for the great player in Chilean football", he added, receiving a series of messages in which some highlighted the "Fantastes" career and others who questioned when they left Rose.

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