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U. Católica devastated Antofagasta and secured the management until the second semester

Catholic University demonstrated this Friday why it is the pointer of 2019 National Championship, "The Cross" was storming on the arch Sports Antofagasta in his last duel valid for date 13and I have a strong victory for 5-1 who assured him of mastering the classification by the second semester.

The premeditated group was upset from the very beginning to their rival. Cesar Pinares and Edson Pooh they were the axis of attack and they did not give a truce to protect the visit to San Carlos de Aposindo.

The first approach to the goal came after Pinares took advantage of a shot from Duvier Riascos. Only the opposition of goalkeeper Fernando Hurtado prevented an early UC celebration.

The gatekeeper saw the men in the ribbon coming nearer. He suffered a Commando fire shot (10th), then gave his fists before the trial of Juan Cornejo (14th) and had a break when Jose Pedro Fuenzaidalda sent a blow that shook the nets the outer part (32 & apos;).

When the CDA tried to find a place with short passes, Cornejo missed one side for Luciano Aued, the Argentine returned and the former Audax Italiano pulled out a Riascos poison center, gained by the air and scored the first (33).

Antofagasta paused briefly at the Congress, then shortly afterwards. Felipe Flores centrifuges the ball and clear the ball to the back of the net Jason Flores, which went deep into the huge volcano (36 ').

The director Gustavo Quinteros they reinforced the arguments and continued with their pressure in the second act.

The "cross" claims fell to Judge Christian Garai by not putting a hand on Thomas Asta-Burouague in the area, but in the next game they received justice. German Lanar turned the corner and Aued appeared to balance the game with a shot at the far post (56 ').

The northeasters, who needed points to get out of the final places of the tournament, tried to look for Tobías Figueroa to create a danger but behind UC was careful. Edward Bello He came from the bench to give variations to the team, but the Venezuelans only lasted three minutes on the court after a heavy goal at Cornejo, which cost him direct red (75 & lt; 39 & gt;).

Although Hurtado was one of the figures, he could do little to stop the rudimentary rush of the rooms. first Pine forest intercepted group change, escaped in search of intervals and collected penalties with the help of the second post. Three minutes from the end, Diego Buonanot he received a deep pass from the Fuenzaalda and after removing the goal keeper he conquered a goal. Finally, Chapa set the heel when the time runs out (90 + 3)

Universidad Católica still does not score points and is consolidated as the leader of the league with 31 units, seven Colo Colo and Union Spanish, although Cacique still has to play Superclásico with Universidad de Chile.

On the other hand, Deportes Antofagasta remains at 14th place with 9 positive points and may fall in the downhill area if U wins tomorrow.

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