Saturday , June 12 2021

U confirms Gabriel Torres and has already added 10 new faces in 2019

U is still armed with everything. In the transfer market, the blue did not save resources in hiring reinforcements before a season in which the main goal is to enter the group stage of Copa Libertadores and get the title in National Championship.

In this context, Frank Dario Koudelka's blue revolution confirmed the arrival of the Panamanian Gabriel Torreswho arrives at the romantic Wachipatho traveler after Azul Azul acquires 100% of his omission at $ 1.1 million.

On the official page of the Blue Club, they highlighted the wonderful season that last year played the highlight of the cast of steel. "The attacker arrives from Huacipato, winning 15 goals in 30 games last season, showing two foot-tricks and settling amongst the best national artillery players",

And it underlines:Torres has been chosen from his country since 2005, when he debuted at the age of 16, with 14He is also part of the team that created the story, challenging Russia 2018, which celebrated the premiere of Los Canaleros in World Cup".

Hiring Panamanian joins the arriving Matthias Campos Lopez, Pablo Parra, Augusto Barrio, Jimmy Martinez, Diego Carrasco, Sergio Vitor, Lucas Aveldano, Nicholas Oroz and Matthias Campos Toro,

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