Friday , July 19 2019
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Uber opens an option to ask the driver not to speak to you

Do you want a Uber driver that does not start chatting? It is now possible with the new quiet mode. But you will have to pay more.

Uber this is a platform that is in a rough competition. Where such platforms and regulations from different countries periodically complicate their operations.

This made the company refine its services and offer some innovations to distinguish between them DiDi and other services that accept more and more force.

It is precisely under such logic that in the United States they have just released their new ones "Quiet Mode"When drivers will enjoy a journey where the driver will remain silent.

Uber Mexico

This alternative sounds ideal for users who only want the trip without having to communicate with the Uber driver. But there is a trick.

Because the silent mode alternative is not available in all Uber modes. So only those who want a trip to the Uber Black and the Uber Black SUV can request transfer to silence.

We seek to create greater differentiation between premium products and regular products to stimulate more trips in our community.

[El Quiet Mode] This is something people want for a long time.

These are the words of the product manager of Uber, Aydin Gadjar, in an interview with TechCrunch. This average would be a long-term product of R & D to meet the needs and demands of its own users.

The feature is currently only available in the US. But the obvious expectation is that it is gradually spreading.

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