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Ubisoft gives free Steep on PC

You have until May 21st.

We can not say that Ubisoft is a well-known actor when it comes to sports games, but for a few years they have tried it with Steep, their extreme winter sports game. Steam stands out for three things: realism of mountain landscapes, gameplay varnish, and because today it is very difficult to find a good game. snowboarding, due to the disappearance of games such as SSX and Amped.

Of course, Stewny is not just a snowboard: he also has skiing, sledding, paragliding and even jumping with an airship parachute. As an open world, you can go down into the free fall and get to where you want it, or get to know the mountain and the many challenges it has.

What is good? Ubisoft gives it through its uplay platform. If you want to download it, you just have to go here, log in with your Ubisoft account and have a free copy. You need to trade it until May 21, but we recommend you do so soon.

To open UPlay: Ubisoft gives free Steep to PC

Maybe it's a good time to go to the snow to make virtual pirouettes, or even better if you live near the snow, take the board, go to the ski center, get the right clothes and scratch the ice all day. Because obviously we all have equipment for that, right? Is that correct?

Well, it must be virtual.

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