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UC to be a champion and the blues farewell to the title «Diario y Radio U Chile

The crusader can not be crowned at the penultimate date of the triumphal tournament this Sunday by U. de Concepción.

Sunday November 25, 2018 21:37 hours.


The cross has the first option. IN San Carlos de Apoidando Stadium, UC won with O Higgins' minimum account. With this victory they can draw from the last date to receive Chilean football titles.

When the first half was over, José Pedro Fuenzalida (UC) came to the right and took great advantage from Andrés Vilches to get the only goal of the match.

Universidad Católica also managed to qualify for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores de América 2019.

on paperless download Chile against Deportes Iquique played in favor of the team led by Beñat San José.

Also in the fight for the championship, W. de Concept won 2-0 at San Luis and keeps the illusion. With this scenario, the crossroads will play, at least one final.

So UC has 58 points, Concepcion with 55, Blue with 54, Antofagasta with 50 and Colo Colo with 43 below.

The only option for Campanile before the final day is the final. In order to have a decisive match, the Catholic must lose to Temuco next week and U. de Concepción to overcome Colo Colo in Monumental.

Blues remains third

The blues did not know how to take advantage as local residents in a game where there was little opportunity to move the score.

With this result, U ranks third in the qualifying zone until the Copa Libertadores 2019 rehearsal stage, but without the possibility of national titles.

son Photograph: Aton Chile

Iquique's sport was 3 points behind Deportes Temuco, the only team to overtake the fight not to drop, but with 9 goals in the difference in goals.

After the score against U. de Concepción, San Luis remained with 23 units at the bottom of the table. So he became the first to descend into the First B 2019.

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