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Unbelievable: KINO wins 7,000 million pesos

– We have consecutive accumulations that make this Sunday July 14th the biggest sum of KINO's history"This sums up the Lottery Marketing Manager, Claudio Hassandonthe illusions generated by the 2.191 draw of the popular game.

"We look forward to the increasing interest of the public, which is starting to grow from Sunday to Sunday," adds the executive.

They are 7 billion pesos it is calculated that it is allocated to all categories and additional games that make the next SUPER DRAW OF KINO,

Last Sunday and October 2017, the accumulation reached 6.7 billion; last Wednesday reached 6,800 million, but "this Sunday we make history with the highest amount".

– That's an opportunity to win and fulfill all dreams of those who are winners, says the manager of lottery marketing.

The Seven Kabbalahs?

Everything coincides to win: Son 7 billion pesos, we are in the seventh month of the year, and this is the seventh day of the week, and whose number (14) is a 7th.

A combination that can be very interesting and appealing to those who think these signals, kabal or inks that are lucky or just a good opportunity to play and win.

And remember that everyone can win every Wednesday and Sunday and especially that Sunday, July 14th p SUPER BATTERY CINEMA with 7 billion for distribution in all categories and additional games.

Besides, it will be a special winner for the winter holidays, as there are also 3 double trips to Brazil.

For only 2,000 pesos you can play Cinema with ReKino, Chanchito Regalón, Combo Marraqueta and Chao Boss for Life with 500,000 and 1 million pesos a month, forever.

KINO with 7,000 million can be played on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet site; you can also buy cardboard at all lottery agencies and major supermarkets in the country.

Equal 2,191 is this Sunday, July 14, at 22:30and you can follow it through streaming on

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