Tuesday , June 15 2021

United Crack surrenders to Alexis: "When you work, you can not play badly in the games" | football

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Ian Kington | Agence France Presse

After playing his second game as a starter in November, Alexis Sanchez all impressed the Emirates after the big goal with which he opened the bill for Manchester United

One of those who boasted the Chileans was the steering wheel Nemanja Matic, Serbia also entered from the start and his position on the field, very close to Alexis, was ideal for assessing the quality of the national striker.

"Alexis has a great character. Work 100% for each session of training and I'm happy for it because when you work, you can not play badly in games, so he does very well. He helps the team, "said Nemanja Matic, according to Manchester United Wenger.

With this victory, United's coach already has eight consecutive wins after commanding the team. Now, with Alexis Sanchez, he seems to have a new option. Both Solskjayer and Matik are clear.

"He's a great guy (Sanchez), I'm happy for him because he needs to know that he's a very important player for us," he said, "he closed his comment on the Chileans.

Mattich and his teammates hope he will continue to raise his level and become a player who has made him one of the best on the planet.

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