Friday , June 18 2021

Universidad de Chile honors Carlos Campos and sends a letter to Colo-Colo

Universidad de Chile had a nice gesture with the historical players of Ballet Azul. The club gave them tickets for all 2019 to be able to accompany the team to the stadium.

Among the winners is the historic highlight of the blue: Carlos Campos, who also celebrates his birthday. El Tanke, 81, is a loyal fan of the team and is constantly on the pitch.

But one detail drew attention to the club's post in his Twitter account for being a "subconscious" message to his rival, rival Kolo-Kolo: – Don Carlos Campos, the real "Tank",

Esteban Paredes is also known by the nickname "Tank", so the publication of the blue is thinly targeted at the alphabets, mentioning that the first and only "Tank" will be the blue one.

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