Saturday , June 19 2021

Unusual: In England say Alexis Sanchez was injured before Manchester United against PSG from a clash with the judge

He counts and is not believable: in England they claim that Alexis Sanchez was injured minutes before entering the field that Manchester United lost with PSG for the first leg of the championship league knockout stage (2: 0)

According to the Daily Mail report, Alexis has warmed up to get in on the injured Jesse Lindgard when he faces Italian assistant judge Fabiano Petri. This would lead to a contraction in the tendon of the left mutilation that affected him by the game.

That would explain his low level in the expected game against the French. Sanchez warned of discomfort under the knee, but Ole Gunnar Solzhaer spoke with him and agreed that he still would play.

The worst thing is that they accuse the trauma of going further and the Chileans can lose the match against Chelsea, adding to the losses of the aforementioned Lindgard and Anthony Martial. If the version is confirmed, it will be a much bigger problem for Solksjaer, who would lose three strikers in one day.

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