Thursday , June 17 2021

Unusual: They are throwing dead cancer to the Super Smash Bros. winner community

An unusual situation is one that lived in the middle of a tournament Super Brosh in the United States.

As recorded by the Dexerto site, the incident took place at the Pound 2019 tournament held in Maryland.

After defeating his rival in the race, Juan Hungrybox & # 39; DeBiedma – Team Liquid representative of a professional player – got a dead cancer in a state of digestion that started one of the attendees.

According to the above-mentioned media, what disturbed the viewer was the fact that DeBiedma used too many specific characters in the Nintendo game. Finally, the organization decided to veto the aggressor forever in the events they perform.

The moment was captured by another of the present series, which shows how the puzzled gamer raises the cancer with his hands.

It should be noted that after beating mango, DeBiedma was crowned a singles winner, earning a $ 6,735 prize, equivalent to about 4.5 million Chilean pesos.

"I'm sorry I lost my nerves. Someone sent me the hell, "the player later said in their social networks. "I'll make a stream of feasts without crustaceans"he added, ironically.

Even when Super Brosh was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2001, its popularity is such that they are still making tournaments in the game.

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