Monday , November 30 2020

Valparais already lost 12 boats weekly in the port

After a week of paralyzing the port of Valparaiso due to demonstrations by casual workers, twelve ships, between those who left and those who did not arrive, had to divert their way to San Antonio.

There are seven container ships that leave the southern Pacific (TPS) terminal, which are added to three partial cargo ships that leave the Cerros de Valparaíso (TCVAL) terminal. The same site has lost two cruises: "Fram" and "Le Boreal", the latter being the one that will arrive on the shores of the poets this Saturday.

TPS General Director Oliver Weinrich made this Friday an estimate of the losses for Valparaiso from the actions of the protest. The Chief Executive confirmed that by Friday, ships carrying about 20,000 containers were lost, which means a loss of at least 3,300 work shifts.

Meanwhile, TCVAL has repeated talks on completing talks with mobile workers.

"We deeply regret the refusal received by workers to normalize the work of the terminal, which allowed the dialogue to resume," they said.

As for workers' claims, TCVAL officials assured that, for example, Union Nº1, a member of the concession, "has a monthly average of 16 shifts of $ 700,000." In the same way, they claim that there is a 6% increase in employment this year, so "it is not real that the activity has declined".

Meanwhile, Vice President of Regional Tourism Corporation Gianni Rivera described the situation in Valparaiso as "serious."

"It has made immeasurable damage to the port, the region and the country, because shipping companies will not deny us, we have no capacity to fulfill the word we have given," he said.

This week, Valparaiso Mayor Jorge Sharp is conducting a dialogue to try to unlock paralysis that has not been successful this weekend.

The mediation was supported by the municipal council, which pointed out both trade unions and concession companies.

Meanwhile, the provincial government of San Antonio adopted a contingency plan on Wednesday to meet the sharp increase in the arrival of freight trucks to this terminal. Managing Director Gabriela Alcalde has asked smaller vehicle drivers to opt for access to this city via Llolleo Bridge, as the New Access route is already showing heavy truck traffic, according to Port Portal.

On Friday afternoon, the mayor of the Valparaiso region, Jorge Martinez, held a new meeting with trade union leaders to explore ways to resolve the prolonged labor conflict.

Among the participants were representatives of Uniport, Sudem, Dockers Portuaries Valparaiso and Auxiliary Embarks, as indicated by the regional government through its Twitter account.

Mobilized workers require demands related to working conditions and safety. They also want a bonus for economic compensation, which could amount to about $ 3 million.

Similarly, they ask what they have denounced as a low number of shifts in the terminals due to the current foreign trade dynamics and the alleged deregulation of port clearance permits.

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