Monday , September 27 2021

Van Risselberg: "As a board we call many people"

One week after the election, UDI president Jacqueline Van Rasselberge rejected the support that the senator gave yesterday to his rival in the party's prisoners.

"The truth is, it seems very natural, I would urge a lot of attention not to support him, especially when his son, Juan Antonio Coloma, is the Secretary General of the list." If I was Juan Antonio's son, I would have harmed my soul if my father did not support me, "says the German senator to El Mercurio.

Jacqueline van Risselberge, a candidate for re-election as UDI president, took advantage of the presentation of a "standing committee" – which aims to raise issues affecting the country's middle class – to rely on the support provided by Senator Juan Antonio Coloma yesterday his rival, the deputy Javier Macaia.

Juan Antonio Coloma: "I choose the ability to create teams of Javier Macaia"

According to Senator Colomma's statements, in an interview with El Mercurio that "I like socializing solutions more like a team," the senator said that "the grace we had as a director had to bring together many people together we could work and turn that party into the first political power in Chile (…) I probably could not summon Senator Colomma because she has her son on the other list, but that's another question. "

On the other hand, the meeting also analyzed the situation in La Araujania.

"I think the problems in La Araucania are so serious, people have such a bad time, poverty is so bad, I think what we need to do is political generosity to find the best guy to help us build the good government in this region, "said the senator, who cited the dispute between his coalition partners about the quota of the mayor, who had submitted, Lewis Majol.

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