Thursday , January 28 2021

Venezuela: Two players die after the attackers set up obstacles on the way

Caracas, Venezuela.

Four people in whose property there were found belongings of two players from Lara's Cardinals who died this morning, were arrested by the Venezuelan state authorities Yarakuy (northwest), informed the governor Julio Leon Herria,

"We have reached the arrest of 4 persons who were with some belongings of the big leagues, will be placed under the orders of the institutions with competence on the matter," Heredia writes in her Twitter account.

Players Jose Castillo and Luis Valbuena They died when their car was overturned, obviously after avoiding the obstacles the attackers threw down the road to plant cars and attack their occupants.

Another player of the cardinals, Carlos RiveroHe also traveled in the vehicle and was injured, although his health is known.

The tragedy that cost Castillo and Valubena's life happened on the Cimarrón Andresote highway in the early hours of the morning, according to the authorities, after the run-off of the track.

Shortly before the arrest of the four suspects was announced, the administrative head of the Venezuelan Cardenales de Lara Gustavo Andreade described the event as a "deceitful murder."

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"Unscrupulous people throw objects on the streets to attack and this has become a cruel murder of two Venezuelan athletes," he told reporters.

The local press agrees that the incident was caused by assailants who blocked the road to get drivers to stop and then steal them.

The Venezuelan president, Nicholas Maduro, also expressed in the same social network to send condolences to their families

on Venezuela Professional Baseball League (LVBP) established a three-day mourning in the chain, a period during which "the national flag will be a half-game in all parks."

For the rest of the championship, the eight teams "will wear the garments of their uniforms".

Similarly, the three sessions scheduled for the day of this Friday were formally suspended.

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