Wednesday , January 20 2021

Vidal: "It's amazing to be in and see Messi do these two goals" sporty

After his great performance in the Catalan classic against Espanyol, steering wheel Barcelona, Arturo Vidal, speaks with Barça, where he claims to be "happy"currently lives in the team.

"It was a very difficult game as a visitor, it was getting worse and today everything was going well. He won well, I'm happy"the Chilean midfielder began.

Colo Colo added: "It's good to win 4-0, and I'm lucky to play a lot of classics in Italy and Germany, but it's very intense. I am happy to have played it and earned it".

Finally Vidal told the game: "We left very concentrated and much improved, so this result leaves us much happier. It is unlikely to be inside and see how these two Messy goals doThis is a miracle for all. "

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