Tuesday , November 24 2020

[VIDEO] Francis Saavedra and his powerful message to the Mapus people for the Copée de Oro, as exemplified, stay informed.

In the fourteenth version of Copihue de Oro, the conductor of the popular program "Lugares que hablan" was crowned "Best Animator".

Also in the category were Julian Elfenbein, Martin Carcamo, Ignacio Gutierrez and José Miguel Vinuela.

When Pancho Saavedra went on stage to thank his award, he gave the audience an emotional message pointing to the situation in La Araucania and the health problems affecting a large part of the Chilean population.

"Thank you for the first time that the Copihue de Oro (…) the Mapuche people deserve recognition," he added, adding that "I am sorry that our compatriots must die today because they have no right to health."

Saavedra will be the official conductor of the Las Condes festival in January with his TV partner, Tonka Tomicic.

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