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Video Games – Oscars of Video Games in Seven Keys Blog 1 UP

The Oscars of the Game, the Game Awards, were fired in 2018 with a great winner: God of War, which best illustrates this transition to adulthood (both in the society that seeks it and in the ways and means of presentation) of video games. An adult, mature, moving and reflective work on violence and parent-child relations with air from a great Greek tragedy. But, besides this victory, there were many other things in these awards that are worth increasing and a short reflection.

These are the seven keys that 1UP believe are essential to understanding the most media awards of the tenth art.

1. maturity

This is perhaps the great question. God of War, champion of this year 2018 and Red Dead Redemption 2, which has won the most prizes (four), are two examples of a human depth story in her characters and the ambition and complexity of her tracks from Netflix or HBO. Victory of God of War highlights two things that pledge to the author (Cory Barlog) to mark the way for AAA

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2. "The Indians" are no surprise

The Ambassador as the best debut, The return of Obra Jin as the best artistic design and heavenly as the best India make sure another year that Indians they remain the center of attention. But the sense of this 2018 is that it is not a novelty in his presence and superiority in his awards. Indians are not newcomers. They are a consolidated industry sector.

3. Fan service

This is the most controversial point in general about how video games are dressed to be presented to the audience. But there are times when he knows how to play a trick in his favor in masterful blows. The most striking is the hero of Person 5Joker, as a fighter in the mother of all fan-service: wonderful A sum of brothers. ultimate,

4. At the Fortnite store

Probably the most revolutionary news for all 2018. Epic, the company that owns the massive phenomenon Fortnite and the most popular and free of charge engine for graphics games (Unreal Engine), runs PC video games with artists' conditions, a mockery of the great ruler of this Market: "Valv" and its "Steam". Many of the games announced during the Games Awards have announced their departure, sometimes exclusively, for this new market.

5. The war alone

The new game of obsidian, Outerlands, is another demonstration of this anomalous situation that occurs only in video games. As distribution channels are open and accessible, regardless of the size of the companies, more and more producers of video games that are once under the umbrella of some of the big ones (Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision …) choose to wage war alone, many, fail. But not a few succeeded. It is true that Optidian decided to sell to Microsoft (like five other powerful studios), but first to release that Outlands, which is designed to make the extraordinary work of Californians for the Bettas' Falut saga.

6. With my own melody

The unforgettable moment of the Video Games Oscars is and will be "Damn it!"In the full cry of the designer and director Joseph Fairs, the case is that"Damn it!"This embodies the desire of this EUR 100,000 million industry to distance itself from the cinema and have its own structure." With the Oscar-winning composer, Hans Zimmerinterstellar, The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean) on the guitar, the games awards hit the table to get away.

7. Reward with a wire

Humor is something that is often missing in video games and what remains when there is a red carpet. With the assistance of advertiser what is Ninja, the world's most famous Fortnite player, Pepe Gamba debuted as a pixel scammer. It was celebrated with ovations.

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