Saturday , January 16 2021

[VIDEO] The InSight survey reveals the sound of Mars

A little over two weeks ago – and seven months of space travel – InSight has successfully landed on Mars, starting a research work that yields its first results.

This Friday, the sound of the Martian wind caught by the probe was revealed, who collected low-frequency lasers during their first days of operations on the red planet.

These are the first sounds of Mars that can be detected by the human ear, NASA scientists said, who presented the results. "Writing these audio files was an unplanned challenge," says Bruce Banner, one of the leaders in the data research that the probe offers.

In a sense, NASA scientists said, Mars would have sounded if we were sitting on the InSight probe.

Insight is the first artifact to land on Mars since 2012, the year in which curiosity began.

More than half of the 43 attempts to bring robots, satellites or others to Mars – deployed by space agencies around the world – have failed.

Only the United States has managed to place artifacts there by investing in these missions in order to prepare a future invasion of human researchers for the 1930s.

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