Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Vina is stolen!": Mayor Virginia Reggina was charged at the session of the municipal council

Until the municipal council came, the vinamarinos wanted the removal of Mayor Virginia Regina, who was seriously reprimanded for failing to comply with the principle of legality of spending after having registered a deficit of more than $ 17,500,000 in the municipality.

The first session of the Municipal Council of Vina Del Mar following the Controller's report, which revealed scandalous financial irregularities in the municipality headed by Virginia Regina, became red. In this case, they met with supporters of the head of the UDI building and the citizens of Vina Del Mar, who came to the scene to face Regina and asked for his departure.

In this case, Aunt Coty was admitted to the council with cries and applause by vinyarinos – adult adults – who supported and defended the mayor, despite the deadlock she faces right now.

However, within a few minutes, citizens came to express their indignation at the violation of the principle of legality of costs, which was apparently established by the Control Office. Phrases like "Vinya is stolen!" or "How long will the mayor withdraw, please?" exclaimed Vinyarinos, who directly criticized the mayor.

In a tense situation, the session was interrupted for 30 minutes, while Carabinero's special forces expelled the protesters who continued their protests off the stretch.

Legal action for the release of Reginato

This week, residents of the municipality filed a complaint against the mayor for tax evasion, in order for the prosecution to investigate irregularities that, according to the report of the inspector – until 21 December 2017 reached $ 17,585. .250 174 million; $ 5.540 million in overtime and $ 7,077 million in fees, equivalent to nearly 15 percent of the municipal budget.

"The administration is already exhausted years ago and has never shown that it is doing things about the rights and the real needs of the community," said Nicholas Lopez, president of the board of directors of the Seda Mar district, who insisted on the first court case against Regina. "We believe that this puts an end to what is the mayor's municipal administration and who are behind them," he added.

Lawyer Lewis Quello hopes that "the counselors will take the floor and may ask for the mayor's departure," he told UCV.

In this sense, Councilor Marcela Varas said that "the deficit was not recognized in the public accounts from 2015 to 2017", therefore "all are the basis of accusing Regina of noticeably neglecting the obligations."

In defense of the mayor's management, Vigya del Mar's municipal administrator Claudio Boisee said there was "a willingness of the municipality to cooperate in everything that continues."

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