Tuesday , June 15 2021

Viral: father and son, clothed as Elsa de Frozen &

Ørjan Burøe is dancing on the Frozen track Ørjan Burøe danced in the rhythm of the song "Frozen" "Let's Go" with his son Dexter in the Virus Clip (Ørjan Burøe)

Let me fines … the father and son's virus, dressed as Elsa's "Frozen", is great.

The viral video shows a father who demonstrates exactly how to raise his children with Frozen Let It Go.

The proud father, Srien Bour, has uploaded the viral video that he cared about for his 4-year-old son and Frozen, Dexter.

The Norwegian comedian and his son are dressed as Princess Elsa, dancing "Let It Go".

The couple seems to have put some practice in the routine, making wonderful dance moves.

A viral video father, praised for his comprehensive approach to parenting

Burr added, "Mommy is gone, do not worry"

The viral video has received 20 million Facebook visits and 250,000 likes, and users have flooded the page with praise for being parents without gender restrictions.

"Teach them that what you wear does not determine your identity or sexuality." The clothes have no sex! "

– Comment on Facebook

One comment says: "It's so cool, kids like to play, they like to dress, show them what you wear, do not define your identity or sexuality, clothes do not have sex, you like it, then you put it in."

Another added, "Your son will have a great life with you as his role model." If I had a father like you, I would not have lived the first 27 years of my life in the closet.

"You are an example of how to heal this, I wish everyone a wonderful and incredible life."

One of them jokes: "Where do you get the dress of an adult man with the size of Elsa? … asking for a friend."

Another commentator writes: "By letting your son explore and dress with what's fantastic, what incredible father you are …"

Some people also noticed that Buro's disguise was missing.

One of them said, "I showed this to my 5-year-old daughter, the only one she noticed:" Where is the father's crown? "

Another said, "As the Bible says, you can not wear such a gorgeous dress without a heel, please, Daddy put on some shoes."

Adel left his son to dress like Princess Anna from the Frozen

Award-winning singer Adel was praised by fans in 2016 after being seen in Disneyland with her 4-year-old son Angelo, who wore Princess Anna's dress.

Although the singer keeps her son out of the spotlight, she talked about her inclusive approach to parenting, explaining: "I can not wait to know who your best friends are, who your friend or friend is. .. whatever my son wants me to do or will be, I will always support him regardless of everything, is not it wonderful what does the "frozen" achieve? viral video of father and son dressed as Elsa makes us want Frozen 2 Elsa to have a girlfriend

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