Sunday , January 17 2021

"We did everything we had in place"

Claudio Maldonado, Tito's assistant, who could not be in the yard and was pleased to watch the game from the cabin, is in Brazil, who has made a course.

Hector Tapia's technical staff chose silence after leaving Kolo KoloIn addition, DT itself has admitted to punishing that he did not speak after the fight against W. De Conse and if he was in Chile, he must clear a date for a sanction for him.

But today Claudio Maldonado, his assistant, decided to speak the speech. It is to make a PRO License course organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation and where she shares with names such as Dunga, Mano Menezes or Tite.

"The course is to see the knowledge that a person has as a coach. The idea is to share new ideas, methods and everything that involves the work of an elite technician. Everyone is here to learn, to exchange ideas and draw conclusions. This is super good and profitable everything. We are talking about psychology, governance, conflicts and ethics, "said CDF News.

Whether it is a way to turn the Colo Colo page, he commented on this "Yes, everything works, this is an internship (with Hector Tapia) we did everything we could do, and it was very nice to have this first experience. You keep the positive things. "

For his future he explained this "My dream is to be a good coach, loyal and fair. First I want to prepare well because I have a very long way. I believe that everything has its own moment, today I prefer not to be the main coach of the team. I have to specialize even more until I feel confident I can take on the role of chief coach.

Finally, he asked if he would continue Hector TapiaHe commented on this "If it's up to me, of course." But we do not know what will happen from now on. "

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