Friday , May 7 2021

"We will try to protect the campaign and finish everything with the title"

After W. Catholic won 1-0 over O'Higgins this weekend, the quarterly draw would secure a new championship. Given this, Jose Maria Bulaubasić, sports manager of the Crusaders, appreciated the work the school did.

"Overall, playing a tournament with a Chilean cup, like 25 or 26 players, is not a big sum, I think there was a well-armed group with a lot of players needed for what we had," said Buulubacic in a conversation with Radio ADN .

A task that will become more complicated after San Carlos de Apocindo guarantees the entry of the Copa Libertadores group stage, so they will need to expand their list. "This is going to be discussed from now on." It's not an easy decision, and the River and Boca play the finals, investing nearly $ 70 million to get these cases, you have to analyze what you can bet on, "he said.

The closest goal will be reached this weekend in Temuco. "Today we have a good advantage, but we have to make sure that we will talk well about what to do next."

In this work, Benet San José became one of those who could leave the institution, although he did not worry so much in the UK because "Benat has an ongoing contract until December 2019" As for the players who complete their relationship, "we will make the decisions after Sunday," he said.

The match between Deportes Temuco and U. Católica will be played with everything. The UC, who is looking for the title, must confront the albicans who are fighting for perseverance. – It's not nice. Our line was in 2010 against Everton to win the champions and the other team to get down. They both arrive in an example where one will end up very happy and the other – sad or bitter. Things happened like this. We will try to establish the campaign that was made and finish everything with the title, "he said.

He also announced that Christian Alvarez will remain connected with the club. "There have been conversations and we will have to decide what the functions will be."

Finally, he mentioned the scandal between the Plate River and Boca Juniors for Copa Libertadores. "More than a former player of the River, as a society, we Argentines have been in the right to organize a match of the party's characteristics, reflecting the violence, the madness of Argentinean football, and we have not been able to play and it is very sad."

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