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What people eat when they want delivery apps

A few years ago, food ordering at home was limited to limited cases where pizza and sushi reigned, in addition to the phone call. Currently, the situation is different in the hands of technology.

As long as we continue to use the phone, it is now a smatphone and the way the order is placed is through an application. And if a few years ago had one of those tools that allowed you to lose, you will notice the large number of bicycles and bikes circling the streets that are loaded with colorful bags from these applications. And now four are working, at least in Santiago.

But why does this market grow? "Time is money," says Martin Irereta, director of postgraduate courses at the Mayor's Business School in connection with the fact that today the Chilean prefers the hamburger to come home to make the eternal line to buy it.

On the other hand, the availability of all these applications in our country is explained because "Chile is one of the countries where technology is most commonly adopted", it is also a good regional point for Latin America to try (these applications), and if it works here, it will work in other countries in the region, "he said.

"In South America, Chile is the King of Delivery"

One of the newest applications to reach the country is Colombian Rappi. Isaac Canas, her general manager, claims that "in South America, Chile is the king of delivery, mainly because there is a larger bankerization, ie. more people have access to a credit card and this allows more people to request. "

Meanwhile, the one who has more time with a presence in the country, seven years to be exact is PedidosYa. For his CEO Juan Martin Lopez, who currently has a certain boom in deliveries through these applications and in such a short time "This means that in a sense Chile has a little debt in this kind of service"In his view, the concept of "home" is very much related to pizza and sushi, but he says "this industry is growing at a faster rate," although he says "there are still plenty of markets to do" .

"This industry is growing at a faster pace"

"In Latin America, we are the third country with the highest frequency of use of this type of application," said Willem Scholl, manager of Glovo Chile.

And who else is using them? In his experience, he points out that "there are more people between the ages of 25 and 35 in the day, only men and women," although he says "at dinner they are groups of friends and / or relatives"

As far as the menu is concerned, despite the increasing variety, consumers do not leave the classic "fast food". "Chileans love hamburgers, sushi and pizzas," said Yordi Suarez, general manager of Uber Eats, who added that there is a great demand for more local food loaded with sanguchi. As additional information, he says french fries are the most popular "snack", and favorite beverages are non-alcoholic beverages.

Foreign foods? A little more

With the arrivals of foreigners in the country, it may be thought that the Chileans are impregnated with something of their culture, or that the migrants themselves have managed to change the trend of the type of food ordered at home. However, as companies claim that this has not happened.

Kanas points out that the change our society has experienced "has not affected, because most of the people who ask through Rapi are Chileans or have lived in Chile for some time." Although it is said that there are foreigners who want the typical food from their country of origin, they do not represent a high percentage of total orders.

Although users remain conservative, the offer available in migration-related apps shows some variations. In fact, "increased Venezuelan food restaurants," says Schol.

"Enhance Venezuelan Food Restaurants"

At the same time, Lopez points out that there are different Colombian and Venezuelan alternatives on the platform, "the reason we do not give up that his demand continues to grow in the future."

Summer is approaching and the guilt appears

There is absolute unanimity among the four applications as consumers prefer fast food or junk when they want delivery. However, the summer that is just around the corner shakes the conscience of some who tend to lean towards less fatty foods by changing fried foods and tables to something that makes them look better during the holidays.

In this sense, Lopez says that while fast food is what he is commanding, "We noticed that they are more open to demand more food for foodbut as vegetarian alternatives offered by the various restaurants we work with. "

In this sense, there is a characteristic that stands out when people want this kind of menu more "light". Uber Eats says the most popular salads are those that contain more than one protein.

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