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WHATSAPP will restore its menus: View all changes to the next update

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world and therefore by The company strives to improve all possible details in order to preserve the benefits of the users,

In addition to the addition changes to improve "quality of life" to those who use the platform daily, Sometimes there are changes that have a more aesthetic character how practical

As announced by WABetainfo, a page that usually filters the latest WhatsApp news, The next update for Android operating systems will change the "person" of the applicationsomething that will also come in the coming weeks for iPhone (iOS).

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IN A beta version of WhatsApp for Google's operating system It is already available "Renewal of menus", visual change of the interface to improve user experience.

Check out Changes to any WhatsApp menu below:


The Settings menu supports the same options, but now each category has a description of sub-options and configurations in it.


The main changes are aesthetic by putting an icon on each of the sections and removing the divisions between each of the sections.

  • privacy: Customize the privacy of the photo, information, status, read confirmations, blocked contacts, and last connection time.
  • security: activating security notifications.
  • The check is done in two steps: Protect account with PIN.
  • Change the number: Migrate WhatsApp Account to a New Phone Line.
  • Request for information. from my profile: See a report with the data WhatsApp has for the user.
  • Delete my account: Cancel your account at WhatsApp.


The same options are saved as before, but there are some that have been moved, with new icons and no line breaks.

  • Enter to send a message: It can be activated that by pressing the "enter" button on the virtual keyboard, the message is sent without having to press "send".
  • Visibility of Multimedia Files: Multimedia files that have been downloaded are displayed in the gallery if they are activated.
  • Font size: Change the font size.
  • background: Changing the wallpaper of the conversations.
  • spare copy: Manage backup conversations.
  • Chat history: You can export, back up, empty, or delete all calls at once.


Everything remains the same, but if the boxes you choose from the activation levers are changed. Descriptions are retained to explain each function.

  • Tones of conversation: Enables or disables the sound reproduction when messages are input or output.
  • Notification Tone: You can change the sound that WhatsApp makes when you receive a notification.
  • vibration: Change how you vibrate WhatsApp when you receive a notification.
  • Pop-up notification: If you want to display popup windows with a notification, you can disable them or display them in three different types of contexts.
  • light: The color of the light from the notifications.
  • High Priority Notifications: Enable message previews in notifications.
  • Notification Tone (Groups): Change the sound that WhatsApp makes when a group chat notification is received.
  • Vibration (Groups): You can change the way WhatsApp vibrates when you receive a group chat notification.
  • Notify popups (Groups): If you want to display pop-ups with group chat notifications, you can disable them or show them in three different types of contexts.
  • Light (Groups): The color of the group chat notification light.
  • High Priority Notifications (Groups): Enable message previews in bulk notification notifications.
  • ton: Select the tones of calls received from WhatsApp.
  • Vibration (conversations): Select how the mobile vibrates when a call from WhatsApp is received.


There are two small details that have changed for the better and this is now Data usage and storage are displayed directly without having to go into the specific options.

  • Using data: Shows the amount of data that is spent on sending and receiving messages and multimedia content.
  • Use storage: Shows how much space the files downloaded from WhatsApp take over.
  • Download with mobile data: You can configure what types of media files to download automatically when you do not have WiFi.
  • Download with Wi-Fi: You can configure what types of media files to download automatically when you have WiFi.
  • When roaming data: Specify which types of media files are downloaded automatically when connected by data roaming.
  • Reduce the use of data: Reduces the amount of data used during calls with WhatsApp.


The only change in the Help section is the new icons and the removal of the split between the options.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Open the WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions page for information or troubleshooting.
  • Contact us: Opens a window where you can send a message to WhatsApp about any problem you may have.
  • Terms and Privacy: Open a window where you can read the entire WhatsApp legal information document.
  • Application Info: Shows the current version of WhatsApp installed and includes a link to the licenses that the application uses.

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