Sunday , June 20 2021

With G or with J? RAE's inventive answer on how to write "I invite you to my house to see Netflix"

Typically, the Royal Spanish Academy of Language (RAE) is making news about its explanations of words that give rise to debate among the population. This is the case before the word "medical", to which he explains that the term "should be used" for women practicing medicine.

This Tuesday, without going any further, when asked about the heat-word genre, the RAE responded that "in today's generalized Spanish" warmth "is a noun male (" warmth. ") However, the use in the feminine "), normal in medieval and classical Spanish, is not stigmatized in many areas of southern Spain and America.

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Although most of the fears that respond to RAE seem serious and conditional, this Tuesday also takes the time to respond to a joke.

"Below is a very common question among Twitter users. We'd like to know if "I invite you to my house to see Netflix" is written with G or J", Wrote a social network user.

The answer in the meantime does not stop surprising: "In each of its meanings, in the verb "to catch" they are written with "g" the ways in which the sound [j] goes before "e", "i": catch, take; and with "j" the ways this sound goes before "a", "or": hame, let's take".

The reply of the twins laughed and greeted the person responsible for the social networks of the institution.

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