Saturday , January 23 2021

Womad Festival announces its first name and begins selling tickets. | community

On this day the first artists who played a leading role in the fifth edition of the Vodaf festival, which will be held on 15, 16 and 17 February in Plaza La Paz in Recoleta.

Organized by Artemedios, the English organization of Peter Gabriel and the Cultural Corporation of Recoleta, also pointed out this The sale of tickets is now available on their website, and on January 8, the full range and its parallel activities will be announced.

Under the guidance of Sunday Lura, performer of funaná and batuque and of wide international glory, also includes the call Santa Fe, The Dominican Republic Xiomara Fortuna, And Dubioza Kolextiv, Group "Bosnia and Herzegovina".

"We are happy to organize this festival again in Womad Chile with music of the world. When there are people today who intend to close the borders, we are opening space for the multicultural meeting from "Recoleta". There will be three days of a wonderful party full of colors, fragrances, dances and music from different countries and cultures, said Daniel Jadue, mayor of Recoleta and host of the international event.

Tickets totaling $ 5,000, $ 12,000 for the three-day ticket and $ 3,000 for Recoleta residents.


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