Friday , January 22 2021


An amoeba "comet" will be the cause of a woman's death, 69 years old, in Seattle, USA, after washing her nostrils with tap water.

It is known that the victim suffers from sinusitis, so his doctor recommends that these washes alleviate the symptoms. What the woman never imagined is that the water she uses will lead her to a fatal end.

It is assumed that the sexergarten does not properly follow the medical instructions by not using sterile water, according to the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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The victim of this deadly amoeba dies in February 2018, after brain surgery at the Swedish Medical Center.

Experts have indicated that the first symptoms are nasal redness, irritation of the area and rash. Then seizures occurred.

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The first diagnosis is a brain tumor, but when they were subjected to the surgery, the doctors found that part of their brain was a blood clot (…) There were amoes of this type in the whole area that eat brain cells. "

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