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World Day of Hypertension: tips to keep it | life

Today, Friday, May 17th World Day of Hypertension, which is known to the Chileans. Indeed, according to the National Health Survey (2016-2017), about 28% of the population in our country is suspected of this disease. On the other hand, the same source notes that the figure rises to 73% for people over 65.

In this case Dr. Jesus Alfonso GomezThe cardiologist and electrophysiologist at Nueva Clínica Cordillera said that "arterial hypertension is a chronic noninfectious disease that produces a constant increase in blood pressure in blood vessels."

Press Release
Press Release

Furthermore, according to the physician, 95% of cases of hypertension correspond to what is known as "essential" or "primary". "This subject has no clearly defined cause, although there are various factors that encourage it.How do they inherit (parents with hypertension), sedentary lifestyle, tobacco, obesity and excessive salt intake?– he said.

For Gomez, the most effective way to prevent it is to attack the factors that encourage it. "It's basically about changing lifestyle. Promoting healthy habits (balanced eating, exercise, abandoning tobacco and other harmful substances) reduces cardiovascular risk as a whole.

Regular life in hypertension

According to the cardiologist, patients with hypertension should take routine practice of preventive life before this disease based on:

1) Feeding with low salt, saturated fats and chemical additives: Instead, fresh fruit and vegetables are recommended as the main part of the balanced diet.

2) Exercise: Although this is determined by the physical condition of each patient, doing some kind of exercise is essential to interrupting the sedentary lifestyle.

In this sense, the risk factors for the Nueva Cordillera Clinic specialist should be controlled with intensity. "This means that together with the lifestyle changes described earlier, it is required to take medicines that have shown solid scientific evidence of the benefits," he said.

Concerning the risks of this disease, Gómez points out that arterial hypertension promotes damage to the endothelium, which is the inner layer of the blood vessels, which in turn stimulates atherosclerosis (deposition of fat and other substances in the walls of the vessels).

Finally, the breakage of the atheromatous plaque in the coronary artery, which is a vessel that nourishes the heart, it favors the formation of a thrombus, which ends with occluding the artery and causes the death of the cardiac tissue that is used by the vessel. In other words, it means a heart attack, "said the cardiologist.

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