Thursday , January 21 2021

Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for Brazilian and African pilgrims to enter the country

The Ministry of Health (Mingsa) said the yellow fever vaccine was one of the mandatory requirements for entering the country of pilgrims from Brazil and African countries within the World Youth Day 2019 (WYD).

"On the subject of the WILD, the recommendations made to the pilgrims are those coming from areas at risk of yellow fever, which are Brazil and the African continent. It is recommended that they be vaccinated before arriving in Panama, this is the only vaccine that is internationally required as a migration requirement, " said Telemetro Reporta, the national coordinator of Epidemiological Surveillance, Israel Cedeño.

In turn, the co-ordinator of the extended immunization program, Aceh Hewitt, said the application of the vaccine was free but the B / .20.00 for citizens and B / .100.00 for foreigners was for a lifetime card.

Hewitt explained that before GDR 2019 it is not necessary to vaccinate yellow fever pannies, but they are recommended to apply the main measles, rubella and tetanus vaccines to those who do not yet have them.

"We go every weekend at national level in all churches, work with foster families, and apply vaccines against measles, rubella and tetanus that are the foundation," ratified.

The World Youth Day will be held in Panama from January 22nd to January 27th and about 200,000 Souls registered as pilgrims to visit Panama and attend the visit of Pope Francis.

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