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"Since the iPhone XR has been sold for a long time, it's not very good, so I did not have too many commodities, so the impact of this price cut is not very good, and the loss is believed to be quite miserable."Speaking of promotional activities to reduce Apple mobile phone prices in major e-commerce platforms, the Zhongguancun dealer said he understood the notes.


Apple Online Store (China)

Due to lower-than-expected sales, Apple has begun to lower prices in major e-commerce platforms over the past two weeks, and the maximum discount for some models has reached 1,500 yuan. Such price reductions have never been observed for the new iPhone of the year. This range of promotions before the Spring Festival holiday not only broke the original plan to buy some potential consumers, but also greatly influenced Apple's offline sales.

Consumers are waiting to see, most of them will take the blow after determining the bottom of the price. Dealers are busy conducting inventory while watching, because any channel price adjustment has touched their nerves all the time.

X took the price of the goods against the market, XR became the most affected area

In this formally increased price increase the most expensive iPhone XS Max has become the king of discounts. Currently, the iPhone XS Max's price cut on some 256G platforms has reached 1500 yuan. The online king for diving, the online market has become a much sought after and the relatively cheap iPhone XR has become the main concern for dealers.

Some channel vendors report that, according to Apple's original plan, the relatively cheap iPhone XR will be the most comprehensive product this year. But perhaps the consumer's drive for the most expensive iPhone XS XS to become the most famous model. According to statistics from a foreign statistical agency, MixPanel, by the end of December 2018, iPhone SX Max, which has the highest selling price among the three new iPhone, has the highest market share, while the iPhone XS and iPhone XR share is fairly flat .

This phenomenon is almost the same as the "cheap version" of iPhone 5C: the cheap iPhone does not support overall product sales.

IPhone users' attitude to iPhone XR is even lower than that of the previous generation iPhone X. Some consumers would prefer to buy a generation of iPhone X from XR, which also led to the trend of the iPhone market. In this regard, Zhongguancun's Apple dealers said they understood the following: "The price of the iPhone X 256G is around 7800 to 7900 yuan, and now the price has reached 8600."

As for the iPhone XR, some dealers said there were "some merchants who bought a lot of goods before," and they initially thought they would be selling in the golden period before the spring festival, because the price cuts on other models are larger than XR. It also makes it difficult to sell XRs that are not easy to sell – these traders will lose more or less. "

However, the most urgent thing for offline dealers is not the loss caused by the price cuts in the official channel, and the sharp decline in Apple's official features, which has made these potential users more cautious. Perhaps many consumers think, is it the lowest price now? Will the purchase be lost before the Spring Festival? In the event of further price cuts during the Spring Festival?

At several hypermarkets in Huaqiang North, when you understand the notes, you will meet many consumers who come to explore the market. In exchange, a young man said he understood the notes: "I was going to buy it last week. I still have to wait longer. Maybe I will drop another day after two days. Anyway, there are still a few days in the Spring Festival holiday. Will continue to give up the wave. "

Capital also closely monitors Apple's "promotional" actions. US bank investment analyst Wedbush Daniel Avis said in a January 14 report that Apple's mobile phone will sharply cut prices in China. He said: "We expect the iPhone XR to significantly reduce prices in the coming months, Apple is facing a" red alert "on the Chinese market by setting the right price strategy for iPhone XR and future iPhone models, which is critical to Apple. . "

For the uncertainty of the future, the iPhone, which is relatively stable, has become a paradox. On the one hand, dealers dealing with the clearing of goods and consumers holding money on the other side, the season of sales of the spring festival, which was supposed to be popular, became a supply and marketing shortage.

The official does not reduce prices, changes the basic force

Just as price cuts distorted the pace of third-party sales, Apple's official channel continued to maintain its original rhythm.

Currently, taking the Beijing area as an example, the official price of Apple's official direct channels, like Apple's official website and store, remains unchanged. With the price reduction news, when I read the notes and asked Apple Store store staff in the Dongcheng district of Beijing, the other party said the prices of all the products in the store would not change lately or would be in line with the official retail price .

In fact, it is not difficult to understand. Since price news, off-line distribution channels and e-commerce platforms from third countries have started to cut prices significantly, Apple's employees have never officially declared the price reduction promotion. Although there is an e-commerce platform that says "price cut" is Apple's intention, Apple has not confirmed this. Therefore, Apple's official sales channels to maintain the original price are justified.

Reducing third-country channel prices, however, will definitely affect Apple's official sales situation. Although from the point of view of the flow of people, the Apple store on weekdays is still overcrowded, but some employee said, still look at the crowds. This means that the third-party platform reduces the cost and the traffic in the store is not affected too much. When you understand the notes and ask users in several Apple stores to test products, most people say that in the face of the difference of more than 1000 yuan, they prefer e-commerce platforms from third parties such as Jingdong and Tmall.

Of course, the official channel is not a small preferential policy, but the focus is different.

Currently, Apple's official website and Apple store place old-fashioned posters in the most prominent place, helping users replace the new iPhone by replacing them. Moreover, as described in the article "Apple Promotion" "Reluctance," this year Apple's official trade activity has been the most powerful in recent years and this kind of great activity in trade has made sense It is a means of promotion.

In early January, Cook said in an interview with the US that "we will not wait for the macro to change." He stressed that Apple would rely more on this "plan" to encourage users to update their Apple phones more often.

However, Apple's old mobile appraisal during the exchange process is often significantly lower than the transaction price of the second, second-mover platform. Although the process of official redemption is relatively convenient and safer, although there is little difference in prices, a large number of users will still choose to sell mobile phones to second-hand vendors or platforms and then buy new products.

Some analysts pointed out: As an official channel, Apple still has to maintain its long-standing profile. After all, the new machine, which was just released for several months, began to lower prices at the official level that the iPhone has never seen in a decade. Maintaining a third-party channel for sale, while maintaining style, is a measure that does not harm the person. After all, by simply increasing sales, promotions to lower third-party sales prices were effective.

After all, official price cuts will directly affect the prices of the next-generation iPhone. If Apple's next new machine continues to "sell high prices," the official channel must now resist biting.


The 12-year-old iPhone seems a bit powerless in the face of growing contenders. With the rise in the price of the whole market, the smartphone industry is maximizing the benefits. However, Cook is too advocating the profit first, as a result of the iPhone's growing price of inertia is obviously faster than other friends. In the face of the cost of tens of thousands of dollars, iPhone seems to have gradually become a luxury. At the same time, Apple's proud innovation has obviously not kept its prices.

Faced with the first revenue warning for more than a decade, Cook may be at Apple's historic turning point. How to let the iPhone keep going? All of this is obviously unstable by price reductions.

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