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17 hours broken down by billions! The muscular "sea king" who has been "bundled" can make DC turn around? | Daily Economic News

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It takes 17 hours and 25 minutes to fight the cabinet and takes 200 million yuan to break the box office in one day! The Neptune movie, which was rated by the Netanya as Sanshan Save the Mother + Dragon The Sunwalker's Great Seabed Palace + Super Heroes to Save the World, wiped out the hustle and bustle of the Chinese boxing court in November and became one day champion in a three-day box office.

The submarine king also left the DK, who was watching the gold fever, screaming. Although DC is in the same name as Marvel in comic books, it has always been one step in the realism of the films.

"This movie is two weeks ahead of schedule in North America and is attractive in itself." The audience feels a sense of pride and curiosity, "said a senior theater manager in a Daily Economic News reporter.

Movie Manager: Two weeks before the US, the audience is proud and curious.

Although DC is in the same comics as Marvel, the first superhero in the world Superman was born here. But DC has always been one step behind the reality of the movies. After witnessing the super-golden absorption capability of Marvel's superhero film, Warner Bros.'s parent. DC also seeks to establish and expand the DC universe, but DC has always been a quick success in the layout of the film universe, poorly prepared and expanded.

This year, Marvel's latest masterpiece, "Avengers 3", finally won nearly 2.4 billion box offices in China. At the end of last year, DC also launched the movie "Justice League," a superhero "group struggle," and eventually received only 690 million yuan in the home boxing office.

The accomplished Neptune Arthur Curry is actually a "group mockery" in the superheroic world. "In the preparatory phase, I have already noticed that Neptune has long been ridiculed in the superhero world," said director Wen Zirian in an interview with the foreign media. "But I will not be afraid of that, making all the funny points super cool."

Wen Zirin seems to have succeeded again. The Sea King, released last Friday, reversed the darkness of the Chinese boxing office in November and was in the cabinet and mouth-to-mouth. After the release of Neptune in mainland China, it took only 17 hours and 25 minutes to break the box office, and the box office broke 200 million yuan in a day, and the 3-day box office was nearly 600 million yuan. The review, collected by Wenking, appears to be particularly useful for Neptune. The exact score exceeded 8 points, and the previously released "Poison" was only 7.3 points.

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"This film is two weeks earlier than North America in terms of viewing time and is attractive in itself." The audience experiences a sense of pride and curiosity. A senior theater manager told every film and TV reporter: "The last two years of the American blockbuster The best are the sequels, and many are group plays, but this movie is a hero who never appeared on the screen This film has some real education as well, such as advocacy for environmental protection, does not throw away the ocean, etc. The person believes these factors have awakened the reputation of Haiwan.

"In fact, everyone thinks if the entire box office on the Chinese film market reaches 60 billion this year," the man laughed. "The slightly blast movie theater will give more tiles."

Chinese director Wen Zirin: I like traveling westwards since I was a child, considering the film to join Chinese elements.

Behind the Sea King, in addition to the entire DC universe, there is also a Chinese man, ie. Wen Zirin, who once directed "Speed ​​and Passion 7".

To promote the Sea King, Ven Zirin also came to China for the first time, engaging in activities in different cities, seeing fans and interviewing the media.

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Even if you meet him in the streets of China, he is considered to be the Hollywood director who has learned so many heroic stories: he is not tall, his body is small, his face is still childish. Wen Zihren, 41, is Malaysian Chinese. When he was 7, he and his family immigrated to Australia. This propaganda "Neptune" Wen Zirin said he "is going away for the first time".

"I am Chinese, but I was born abroad, and I am very excited to go home and I am very happy to bring my top job to China and share it with my family." He reports that Wen Zirin felt a lot at the start of the new film.

Although he did not live in China, Wen Zirin is very fascinated by Chinese films. Some Netanya commented that the King's Sea King's story is Agaruud Save the Mother + Restless Oriental Chinese Dragon Dragon Palace + Super Hero of the Vukong Sun to Save the World, which also received the official certification of the director.

"I have heard many Chinese stories in the process of my growth." "I liked Journey to the West since I was a kid." "The story of" Westward Journey to the West, "the role of Sun Wukong is very good, and the philosophy behind the character is very exciting, and I will definitely look at adding some Chinese elements to future films," said Wen Zirin.

Do not look at the time of Wen Ziren, but Hollywood has the title "master," especially in the "Saws of the Chainsaw," "The Soul," "Dead," and other small horror films among the best directors.

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But Wen Zirin's energy is much more than that. In April 2013, Global selected Wen Zirin to film the film "Speed ​​and Passion 7". At that time some people asked, could a horror director be able to control this trading blockbuster? After all, Wen Zirin returned to the 1.5 billion-dollar cabin with a cost of $ 250 million.

Horror director, who is good at creating an atmosphere and attracting the hearts of the audience, can also allow the audience to enter the world of superheroes. Wen Zirin proves that I am not the only person to shoot the horrors.

With the success of Speed ​​and Passion 7 and Sea King, I hope this Chinese director may have more space in Hollywood.

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