Thursday , January 28 2021

22 cars collide with Yiyang, Hunan road traffic accident, causing 5 deaths – News News News

(Original title: 4 road accidents occurred in the Yiyang section of Erguan Bus Terminal)

22 cars collide with road accidents in Yiyang, Hunan, causing 5 deaths

4 road accidents in the Yiyang sector of the Erguang Expressway

At 0:50 on the 9th official announcement of Hunan Province Traffic Police Bureau said that at 7:10 pm At the 8th there are 4 road accidents to the south and north of the Yiyang section of the second Guangzhou Bus Terminal 2046 -2048. ,

According to the report, 4 on-site investigations are related to 22 road vehicles, resulting in 5 deaths (two out of the way), 1 severe bodily injury (no life-threatening, hospital treatment), 6 fractures, 11 minor injuries. After receiving the police, the police traffic police and the corresponding services quickly rushed to the place to save the wounded, investigate the cause of the casualty, and completely save the obstacles.

On December 8, the Yiyang area of ​​Erguang Bus Terminal reached 2046 kilometers (north), and the site traffic was interrupted. Some nearby peasants photographed the moment the vehicle was out of control, and the cries were constantly on the scene.

According to the news of @ 湖南 高速 警 警 at 8:37 pm On December 8, 2046 kilometers (to the north) of the Yiyang section of Erguang Bus Terminal was rescued due to the accident and the traffic on the scene was interrupted, and now it is on Majitang, Changtang and Xianxi. Temporary traffic control takes place at Meicheng, Fuku and Longtang Tube Stations and the vehicles can only enter them. Ask the driver to plan the route in advance.

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