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A woman driving a bus driver driving, 10 months in jail for a public safety threat |

Original title: Bus driver in a woman driving a car, 10 months in jail for public security threat

According to online news in Sichuan, on May 21, Yan Yuan County People's Court tried to judge the bus driver together and affect the normal driving of the bus. Finally, the accused, Zheng, was sentenced to 10 months in prison for a dangerous threat to public safety. This is also the first time of safe driving on public transport in Ya'an. The process was conducted through China's Open Network and the Sichuan Judicial Network. The Jingjing County People's Congress, CPPCC members, Sichuan Yutong Transportation Co., Ltd., the representatives of the bus industry, community representatives and journalists and local people listened to the case.

By trial, it was found that at 2:32 pm On February 26, 2019, Jung was at Liantai Bus Station, Yingjing County, and took Sichuan T18863 No. 3 Road, managed by Sichuan Yutong Transportation Co., Ltd. bus. After getting on the bus, Zheng had a quarrel with the bus driver for the toll. At 14:41, when the bus reached the Yingjing County outback district of Yingjing County, Zhengmou pulled the driver's hand on the bus that was driving the car, making the bus stop in the ribbon, and the car had passengers. More than 20 people, including adults and babies. At 2:56 pm On the same day, the Injiang District Public Security Bureau received the report from the masses and arrested Jang at the Sanche County crossing at Injing County High School. After the incident, Jen was sorry for his actions.

The court ruled that Jang's dangerous way to pull the hand of a bus driver who has run more than 20 passengers has stopped the bus in the ribbon, and his behavior is a dangerous method of endangering public safety. Jen knows that others have reported to the police and are still waiting for the public security authorities to deal with the incident. There is no resistance to the arrest and arrest. This can be considered as automatic referral. Once the case is recognized as the facts of the crime, he has been betrayed and softened according to the law. The Court decided above.

The relevant person in charge of the Jingjing District People's Court said that public transport safety is an important part of urban safety and is closely related to every citizen, and the rights and duties of each citizen to maintain public transport safety. On October 28, 2018, the bus collided with the Yangtze River in the Vancouzhou district of Chongqing, causing 13 deaths and 2 people to lose the painful results. The lessons were deep, but the retirement did not warn Jen, just because of the dispute. Take a dangerous way to push your anger and possibly break the law. I hope that by testing this case I will again warn everyone to remember the fear of life, the rules of awe and order of awe.

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