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All-Star voting rules and feelings are tough – Wade, this season, McGrady, also, All-Star Game – Beijing News

2019-02-03 00:00:45 Source: Beijing News

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The NBA All-Star Game list was announced, with Ross and Wade receiving enough voices from the fans and were not allowed to start because they were not preferred by the players and the media. The alternative list of All-Star was announced on Friday, and the head coach of the 30 teams in the NBA League also did not choose Rose and Wade.

Ross is the youngest regular season MVP in the history of the NBA, because of the injury, the "rose", which had unlimited potential, had to leave the bulls and move to Nicks and Cavaliers. This season, presenting Timberwolves, Rose renews her career in the second spring, reappears and scores 50 points against jazz facing the Sun in erudition.

Wade is a representative star of "03 Golden Generation," and in the third year since joining the league he won the championship and won the MVP in the finals. After the formation of the Big Three with James and Bosch, "Flash" brought the two Heat championship trophies. As Wade will retire after the end of the season, Charlotte All-Star Game is the perfect scene for his "last dance".

Whether it's a "rose" or "lightning," which is more advanced, they all bring too many memories of the fans. The first is rare, the latter is about to leave, and fans naturally hope that the idol can be on the All-Star Game.

However, it is not always easy to choose 10 starters and 12 substitutes from 30 teams and 450 players.

In the first days of the NBA, the Alliance handed over power to the media and coaches. As the NBA becomes more concerned, the league gives the fans the power to choose the starting players, and the choice of substitute players is left to the coach. But when fans' defects were more and more obvious, the league changed the rules, allowed the players, the media to join and share the initial voting rights with the fans.

Nothing is absolutely fair, and rules and feelings are always difficult.

Fans vote, often emotionally supreme, even if a player has passed a peak, even if the power is flat, they will vote until the fan base is large, you can vote around. Of course, players, media and coaches can not be absolutely objective, they tend to pay more attention to personal data and team work, and sometimes it is inevitable to stifle the feelings of fans.

If fans' feelings are an absolute standard, Ross, who is the second player in the Western Conference to vote for fans, will become a substitute for Westbrook, Lillard and Thompson to become the starting lineup of Harden. Practically speaking, just by comparing this season, each of the above stars is better than Ross, for them the chance to be on the All-Star stage is just as valuable if they are deprived of their chances because of fans' wishes, the same is not true. honestly.

Even in the period when fans voted to determine the starting players, there were rules and feelings.

In 2003, the NBA All-Star vote was released in the first round, with MacRaddy, Iverson, Carter, Ben Wallace and O'Neill, Jordan playing for the Wizards as the only substitute. In those days when fans grew more and more like young players like McGlade, Iverson and Carter, old Jordan was also "cold." McGrady, Iverson and Carter found that Jordan was reluctant to abandon the starting team, and the NBA league pushed the boat and agreed that Jordan would replace Carter as the senior.

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