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Although the three rounds are invincible, the hope of going to Hong Kong is not small.

Time: 2019-04-24 07:25 Source: New Express

● Championship Group AF – Fourth Round Shanghai Shanghai 2: 2 Sydney FC

New Express News reporter Wang Enfu announced last night in the fourth round of Champions League H A, Shanghai Shanghai 2-2 draw with FC Sydney. In the race with this Australian team, Shanghai finished with a draw. Counting the points of these two withdrawals, 1 win, 2 draws and 1 loss, Shanghai is temporarily ranked second in Group H. Although the three rounds are winners, the hope of going to Hong Kong is still quite large.

The two rounds in group H ended with 2: 2, which means that the H-classification has not changed. Ulsan Hyundai scored 8 points first, Shanghai Shanggang ranked second with 5 points, 4 points Kawasaki striker ranked third and 3 points from Sydney Squadron temporarily withdrew. Since there are still two rounds of duel, there is no team to qualify in advance or to leave early.

Shanghai's five points are the second lowest in eight teams. It seems that the last three rounds of victorious Shanghai are a bit "not good", in fact the hope for qualification is still quite high. In the next round, Shanghai will cause Kawasaki and Ulsan to face Sydney. While the victory in Shanghai is guaranteed and Ulsan is unbeaten at home, Shanghai and Ulsan can join the hands in advance and the final round of the race has become a battle for the first name of the group.

If the fifth round of Shanghai is still closed, the last round of Ulsan's home defeats and Shanghai can still guarantee the promotion. From this point of view, although Shanghai has won three consecutive rounds of the AFC Champions League, the qualifying situation is not only bad but also pretty bright.

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