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Apple unite with Jia Zhangke to shoot the short film at the Spring Festival with iPhone XS – Question and Answer to Alibaba

On the morning of January 25, 2019, Apple and director Jia Zhangke co-produced One Barrel at the Apple Store premiere in Wangfujing, Beijing.


Unlike "Three Minutes" from last year's "Punctuation," this year's short film chose the "hot" route, the topic is an "integral home flavor," followed by a high resolution lens on the iPhone XS, a "bucket of the city's journey in the city. "This is the first time that director Jia Zhangke uses the iPhone XS as the primary camera, so she shares two video capture techniques using the iPhone XS so that everyone can learn to use the iPhone XS for to shoot life.

The short film tells a young man who returned to work from his hometown after the spring festival, and before his departure his mother gave him a plastic bucket, after returning to his home town, discovered that the bucket was filled with mother's sand . Carefully packed eggs. Director Jia Zhangke aims to use a bucket to bring love to his family, introducing everyone with a "home-made" taste that can not be divided.

"Exciting to shoot with iPhone XS"

About this collaboration with Apple, Jia Dao said the most appealing for him is two points: one is to shoot everyone with a cellphone, he has worked on movies for 20 years and never used a cell phone to shoot. In the noise and vanity of the Spring Festival. Jia Jungke says that in the past he went south of the Yangtze River near the Spring Festival and has often passed such a crowd into the train, the steamer and the long-distance bus. They are in a hurry to go home, or they are in a hurry to come home from home, always breaking a bucket. IPhone XS plus this bucket is the most exciting for Jia Zhangke.

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Director Jia Jangke at the premiere of "A Barrel"

There were many discussions about the lens of director Jia Jangke. Adding an iPhone XS also made the lens more likely. Jia Zhangke said on the scene that shooting the iPhone XS could be "going to the sky". In the past we used movies, cameras and equipment, and the iPhone XS is as big as a slap, so it can be used freely. Capturing mountains and rivers with the iPhone XS is also a challenge for it.

Using a cell phone to shoot a movie is no longer new. Today, everyone has the ability to be a recorder of life. The innovative XS XSX dual lens system, combining an image signal processor, neural network engine, and sophisticated algorithms, delivers higher resolution, sophisticated visuals, and stunning photos. Judging by JJ Jungke's "One Barrel" photo with iPhone XS, there are no clips on the show and no complicated special effects. The end result is very moving.

Jia Zhangke premieres the training ground for iPhone XS shooting skills

At the premiere, Jia Zhangke shot and taught on the spot and shared two tips for capturing the iPhone XS, including how to use field depth control and capture a high-definition slow motion to inspire each of them and record the new Year. To make incredible photos not only rely on better sensors and lenses but also a high degree of collaboration between software and processors. Thanks to the most powerful A12 bionic processor on the iPhone so far, the iPhone XS can do just that.


The director teaches the audience the skills to capture the iPhone XS

It is reported that the latest iPhone XS has a 12 megapixel rear dual lens, widescreen, telephoto, and supports optical image stabilization. It can support up to 60 frames per second of 4K video capture, which means it can record at 60 frames per second with 4K resolution, it works better in low light than ever before. And support stereo recording, achieving higher resolution stereo playback.

The iPhone XSS sensors, processors, algorithms and users are a team. Intelligent HDR, field depth control and delayed motion significantly reduce the difficulty and cost of later production, so everyone can shoot incredible works. For many users who love to record their lives, easy iPhone XS management and high quality effects have reduced the shooting threshold. Jia Zhangke also said on the scene, "It's very serious to think about taking a movie with Apple's mobile phone because it's really handy."

Apple has always encouraged users to use the iPhone to record their lives. In fact, iPhone series phones constantly innovate and upgrade their photography capabilities. The latest iPhone XS series has not only richer dark features in the detail of photography, but its dynamic picture is clearer and clearer.

If you want to learn about the latest features of iPhone XS photography, you can go to the Apple Store retail store in Wangfujing, Beijing.

On Youku, watch Apple One Barrel with Jia Zhangke:

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