Thursday , June 17 2021

Big and strong paradox – Secretary General Cz Jinpin's important speech on the twelfth collective training of the CPC CCP's Political Bureau guiding the new development of media convergence –

  1. The big and powerful paradox of the mainstream – General Secretary Xi Jinping's statement to the twelfth collective training of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in China leads to media convergence and develops new roles
  2. The development of media integration is an urgent matter, Xi Jinping made such a request.
  3. The first meeting of the Year of Inauguration: The six main party and government bodies of the Chinese Communist Party reported to Cai Dingping
  4. Xi Jinping: Encouraging media integration to deepen development and strengthen the common ideological foundations of the entire party and the people of the country –
  5. The Political Bureau of the CCP CCC held a meeting with Chen Dingpin to host the meeting.
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