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Blessings are back! Muller opened two strokes and took the feelings. Bayern eventually led the passers-by

Original title: Fushen return! Muller opened two strokes and took the feelings. Bayern finally congratulated passers-by.

In the face of the weak new Dusseldorf, Bayern opened the goal and scored 3 goals, but also scored 3 goals from the opponent. After all, 3-3, still can not recover in the league. feeling. The only gain in this nightmare may be the number of Mueller who scored a goal.

From the new season, Muller scored two goals in addition to the start of the championship and almost all of them failed in the rest of the match. Before the campaign there were only 3 goals in 16 appearances in each event and even 2 assists. The data has fallen. In the national team Müller also gradually lost his position. Although this national team coincided with the day, Mueller scored a hundred games in his national team, but his performance on the bench, performance and role had long been worse than before. However, Coach Loew praised Muller: "He deserves great respect and sincere thanks, he is not 30 years old if at that time one man has completed 100 national teams. At the moment when others say they need a break, Müller is here , so the national team can get everything. "At the moment, Müller's data in the national team are 100 matches and 38 goals. Initially its effectiveness is not low, but the performance in the last two years is very unsatisfactory, 17 teams of the national team scored only 2 goals, the world championship this summer also can not be understood.

With the military medals of the country's 100 milestones, Muller returned to the club. Before the match against Dusseldorf, Mueller and his teammate Levan received a club award ceremony. Bayern celebrates the two strikers to reach the national team and give them two giants. Pictures and flowers. Perhaps the club's ritual brought Müller different luck. In Dusseldorf's face, Muller finally regained the feeling of long-lost goals.

Seeing that the Bayern attack is still thunder and heavy rain, although Jules scored a goal but also got cheaper defensive mistakes. At the decisive moment, Muller approached. In the 20th minute he suddenly got a long breakthrough from Boateng, after a successful striker shot the ball into the penalty area and ended a shot from a close distance before the door. At the start of the second half, when Düsseldorf regained a goal, Müller and Levan's heart was in harmony. Mueller followed Levan's foot and followed him, and the right foot of the field shot shot and scored another goal.

This helped Bayern to increase the score to two goals but still can not help Bayern to win. Although the wonderful performance of Müller is a bit grim because of the final drop of the team. However, in the event of unsatisfactory performance of the team, the sudden appearance of Mueller has undoubtedly made a big profit. At least Kovac has another hand that can only be one hand. If Müller can score and help as usual, then Bayern's performance will not be bad and Müller may also become the leader of the reversal of the South Star. Remember that Müller is Bayern's big star. Earlier, as he scored the match, Bayern remained unbeatable. Müller scored 81 times in the Bundesliga, and in the 81 games that represented Bayern, Bayern's record was 76 wins and 5 draws!

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