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Finally, the Premier League team is no longer the city of Manchester, they lost in a strong dialogue with Chelsea, all the brilliant moments broke.

Danger (left) contributed with two assists and was the biggest player in Chelsea's victory. (Photo: AFP)

(UK, London, 9th) Strong conflict changed the status of the Premier League title this season "Blue Moon" Manchester City lost to "Blue Lion" Chelsea 0-2 in the current round of the league, the 21-round non-crossover season ended and the position the top spot was given to the "Red Army" Liverpool.

Strong dialogue lost to Chelsea

Finally, the Premier League team is no longer the city of Manchester, they lost in a strong dialogue with Chelsea, all the brilliant moments broke. Liverpool started 5 hours earlier than Mann, defeated 4-0 with Burnham and hoped Chelsea would defeat Manchester City and the desire would come true.

After Manchester City scored the League's first defeat this season, Liverpool topped 42 points, which is the second summit after the sixth round, while Manchester City is 1 point behind the second. Behind the Blue Moon has 36 points for Tottenham and 34 points for Chelsea and Arsenal. They not only fight fiercely with Liverpool on the way to defending, but also protect from the powers that stand behind them.

Therefore, the Premier League final team this season can win and now certainly can not say, in the end there are 22 rounds in the league, everything is possible.

At home against almost unbeaten Manchester City in the league this season, coach Charlie Torrey is clear, his high-defense Italians make it difficult for Manchester City to note, although the scene is not very good, Blue Lions's growth is 38%. Behind 62%, the number of shots is also uneven from 8 to 14, but eventually Canter and David Louis have won.

Kanter's goal (second right) caused a serious blow to Manchester's confidence and contributed to Chelsea's final victory. (Photo: AFP)

CantorHazzardWinning Key

Canter is ubiquitous in this game, as well as leading the defense team, he can defend his opponent in the 45th minute, and during the season he plays for Chelsea for the first time in three seasons. ball.

Of course, Canter could also win the Danger Assistants, get the protection of many people in the restricted area, and then the ball was put in the middle of the Canter, helping the team take the lead.

Hazard then helps Lewis in the 78th minute and shows that he is the heart of Chelsea's crime.

In the absence of Aguero, David Silva and De Brown, Manchester City lost a reversal and in the last 10 minutes Manchester City coach Guardiola did not even use the last move. As he replaced Sante, he found that there was not one assailant, trustworthy of the tower, in the back of Aguero.

Gwia Shuiy Ingcacho lost to Chelsea 3 times

In addition, Gua Shui lost to Chelsea in the league for the third time in this coaching career (double killed in the 2016/17 season), more than a loss for each opponent. Although he swallowed the first defeat of the league, but this campaign was the second defeat of the city this season, the first loss was lost to France in match 1 to 2 in the Champions League.

According to the media analysis, this round of "double blue war" could become a turning point in defining ownership of the championship. While Liverpool may continue to perform well, there will be a chance for the team's history to win the Premier League Championship for the first time. However, Liverpool will play against Manchester United in the next round. Maybe after the big fight, the top two will change.

Speaking after the match

Guardiola (Manchester City Coach): Losing the ball does not give up defense

"Chelsea is an excellent team with excellent players, but we played very well in the first half, as a whole we did well and we have no regrets, we created opportunities and played only for the first 44 minutes, 1 shot but we lost the ball, sometimes it happens.

"However, the opponent is the team of the Champions League, they have only half the chance to score, this is the reality, so whether we win or lose, we always have to learn lessons. team You want to beat us, we still have many points we have to fight for, there are many games that we have to play, we have to maintain continuity. "

Surrey (Chelsea Coach): We are very strong when we get back into the fight

"I am very pleased with this victory. It is not easy to beat Guardiola or Man Market.I am happy with the spirit of the team in the game.For Chelsea, it is not easy to find a fight.And once we find it, Chelsea is very strong team. "

"We showed a high level of performance, determination or aggression in this campaign. Players must continue this performance in the next game. Within 30 minutes before the discovery, we encountered some problems because the danger once as an attacker (without the front) but overall he played very well and deserved a goal. "

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