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British media: not in line with Kate Megan in the name of the big house and Harry will be moving | Megan | Kensington Palace Harry News News

Original title: British media: does not coincide with Kate, Megan moved to Kensington Palace in the name of changing big houses with Hari

[环球网报道 记者 张骜]For the two kings of the United Kingdom, Kate and Megan, there are rumors of "relationships." Today, Prince Harry and Megan decided to move from home to Kensington Palace in early 2019, which further confirmed the speculation.

British Daily Mail in the 24th edition, the royal source said, "Harry and Megan want to move, they need more space but do not want to live next to William and Catherine."

The news that the two would move was confirmed by Kensington Palace.

The two princes originally lived in Kensington Palace. Meggen Meggen, who was pregnant recently, moved to the floating villa of the Windsor mansion in the name of a bigger new home to meet the little baby. The British media said Prince Harry would be the father for the first time, and Prince William was the father of three children, and the brothers seem ready to focus on their families.

Harry and Megan live in the Nottingham Lodge near Kensington Palace. Previously, people thought they would live in a spacious apartment in Kensington Palace to prepare for the birth of a child next spring. To meet them, Kensington Palace House is undergoing a 1.4 million-pound repair.

According to sources, Harry and Megan "have no reason to live in Kensington Palace in London, they have many other options, including buying their own house with their own funds."

The person also said: "Catherine and Megan's life is very different, and that can become more obvious over time."

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