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Champions League – Sun Xingyu broke the goal of Weitongheng Hotspur 3-0 wins Dortmund _ restricted area

Original title: Champions League – sun Xingyu broke Weier Tongheng transmission Tottenham 3-0 win over Dort

At 4am on the 14th of February, during Beijing, the first match of the Champions League quarter-finals of the 2018-2019 season began to compete, while Tottenham played at home against Dortmund. The two sides did not achieve any attainments in the first half. In the second half, Sun Xueuu interrupted the lead for Tottenham then Wayerhengan and Lorente repeatedly knocked the door, eventually Tottenham beat Dortmund 3-0.

This is the fifth match between the two teams in the history of the European war after Tottenham and Dortmund won 2 wins. The last time the two teams played against each other was in the group stage of the Champions League last season when Tottenham and the hosts doubled double Dortmund. The attack lines of both teams in this game have hurt the main players and Cain, Ali and Pato and Royce of Tottenham have no chance to play. The Spurs campaign freed Eriksson + Lucas-Mola + the first Sun-Suiyue Trident, Dortmund, Geddy was in the position of an arrow.

In the 7th minute, Tottenham's front left the pass to the penalty area and the first point was sent from Dortmund's title to the penalty area, and Da Vinci Sanchez made the ball to the penalty area and Lucas Mora stopped the ball. Immediately after the hit, the ball missed the bottom. In the 14th minute, Fauez made a mistake in the back of the door, the ball was cut by Pliccić, who quickly took the ball to the left side of the field and shot with a small angle and the ball was blocked by Laurie. In the 20th minute, Pliczic sent a free kick to the left in the penalty area, with the first point being pushed by the Tottenham player, and Vitzel scored a long shot and the ball was confiscated by Laurie.

At 34, Fouss hit the bottom of the road and flipped back into the middle of the restricted area. After 35 minutes, the left side of the game was dominated by Delaney, with the crowd on the equalizer. In the 36th minute Sun Siuwu broke the left side of the field before the end of the match, and the ball was blocked by goalkeeper Burj. In the 45th minute, Dortmund opened the right tactical corner kick, Sancho crossed the high ball in the penalty area, Sigadou led the ball, Laurie rescued the ball. At half time Tottenham temporarily held 0-0 Dortmund.

The second half is easy to fight.With 47 minutes played, Weyer Hengen put the ball in for the sidelines, but when Sun Xingqi tried to tip the ball past the keeper, he knocked it home.

In 54 minutes, Sun Xinggi faced the front of the penalty area and Tottenham scored a free kick and Eriksson took the ball directly and the ball hit the wall. In 59 minutes Wyier Hengeng put the ball in front and succeeded, then Weierhengen took the ball into the front of the penalty area and rushed high in the run. In the 61st minute, Eriksson made a left corner to the penalty area, but the ball was scored by Aldo Werrell and the ball was confiscated by Burj.

69 minutes later, Dahud received a cross pass from the left side of the penalty area and switched the ball behind the keeper in the penalty area. In the 74th minute, Erickson made a small kick outside the penalty area and the ball hit the bottom row at the foot of Zagadu, after which Tottenham took the right corner to the penalty box and then followed Lucas Mora. Shot, the ball was blocked by Dortmund players.

In 83 minutes Olli scored the high-altitude ball on the right side of the ball and handed it to the penalty area after Wilhelm Henry scored a goal and scored 2-0.

In the 87th minute, Erickson entered the left corner of the penalty area and Lorent scored 3-0.The game is over, Tottenham 3-0 Dortmund

Both sides played a team:

Tottenham (3-4-1-2): 1-Lori / 4-Alderwier, 21-Force, 6-Davinson-Sanchez / 24-Ollie, 17- -Winks, 5-Vailongheng / 23-Eriksson / 27-Lucas-Mola (18-Llorent 84), 7- Sunshine (11-La Meira 88)

Dortmund (4-2-3-1): 1-Bulls / 5-Ash-Hakim, 36-Top, 4-Dialo, 2- Delanee / 7 – Sancho (13 – Gerrero 88 & # 39;), 19 – Dahud, 22 – Plisch (34 – Larsson 87 &

Technical statistics of both countries:

Tottenham Score: (Best: Verton Heng)

Point of Points: (Best: Zagadu)

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