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Chen Yufan: It may not be necessary to take a bad injury in a science fiction movie.

First Financial: What is the meaning of "The Wandering Land" for Chinese science fiction films?

Chen Yufan: "The Wandering Land" brings great confidence to the film industry. China has not made a good science fiction blockbuster, it's not a technical problem or a fund problem, because too many people are opportunists, they make quick money in a quick and profitable way, like Guo Fan. There are very few people on the subject. Most people are more utilitarian and when they do things they need to get a point. But many times when doing pioneering work, we must have the belief that we have to lose, and we must be able to do it.

The phenomenal level of "Wandering Earth" consists of time, place, people and people, which is a good start, they can share this experience with people who are interested in making science fiction movies in the movie and television circles, helping people take less tours and more. Quickly entering the state, this proves that the market has huge space as a heavy science fiction of heavy industry, then there will be a lot of capital and resources, and many projects will be developed, but that does not mean that the difficulty of doing good projects will be reduced. Every project is very difficult and time consuming.

First Finance: Where is the Difficulty of Film and TV Science Fiction? Does Spit Earth Have Science Fictional Injuries? How do you think this is a disaster film, not a film about science fiction?

Chen Yufan: In addition to mastering the creative skills of the type of film, you need science-fiction thinking. I can not think of science fiction as a layer of skinrobotThe story of a girlfriend or a girlfriend is a pseudo-science fallen into a sci-fi coat to talk about love. The writer must have basic scientific knowledge and the ability to co-exist in concept and logic, and some writers will write that the flying fairy will not have anything to do with the establishment of the worldview, nor does it understand what real science fiction is.

You may not need to choose a bad shot in a science fiction movie. The most important point in the science fiction film is the assumptions and prerequisites. After accepting the hypothesis, this is a kind of self-consistency in narrative logic, not a perfect match with the scientific facts or principles of the real world. In this case, a film about science fiction should not be taken – all science fiction films are based on speculation and stories of attracting the audience. Sometimes it's fun to watch a solid photo, but it does not have to be a bond that links a movie or a literary creation. We do not write essays, we do not make documentaries, we do film films. Types of science fiction and disasters may exist in parallel – all science-fiction films are a kind of synthesis – it is impossible to enumerate a science-fiction film with science fiction and no other elements.

First Finance: You think science fiction is the most important type of industry over the next ten or twenty years.

Chen Yufan: In the vast environment, this is the political focus of the cultural industry; it is prone to the topic of more technical content and the community of human destiny, not the traditional type of palace crossing or fantasy, and the young audience adopts a lot of science fiction. Gao, they are a generation that has grown into consumer science-fiction media products and wants to find and consume products with cultural identity. Chinese original science fiction, whether it be film, television or games, animation, provides a future-oriented, technology-oriented, cosmic-oriented consumption. There is also a need to modernize industry.Chinese filmTo get rid of the low-level, high-consumption and precarious working-class of the workshop, industry needs to strengthen industrial modernization through heavy industry and highly integrated science-fiction films.

First Finance: What is the Importance of Reading Science Fiction and Science Fiction Products?

Chen Yufan: He can go see science fiction and think about some problems. These problems may not be current, everyday. This may be about human beings, about civilization, directs people to think more philosophically and more abstractly , not just for fun. Consumption is a kind of cultural consumption with a reflective character. This may be the most valuable place for science fiction, which can give people a new perspective to consider their own situation, to review human beings from a new perspective, and to reconsider your life. ,

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