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Chinese volleyball team Zhou Ting participated in the World Cup in 2018, what happened to her defense? – Kiefer, yes, there are people in me – let the football fly

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Original title: Chinese volleyball Zhu Ting participated in the World Cup in 2018, what happened to her defense?

If you want to appreciate Zhu Tin's game in this World Cup, I think it's more objective to describe it with a normal game. Since the overall strength of the Bank Wakif Bank is really strong enough and Ju Thin should not work so hard to take on the burden. That's why Wakif Bank can easily defend its success.

Zhu Ting scored 98 points in 5 games and the final 36 points and 21 tricks scored 21 points. Not only did the team win the World Club Cup for the third time, but the individual won the seventh crown at Wakif Bank. It is a pity that in the last Turkish super-market he lost his old rival Isabashiqi female volleyball team, otherwise Chu Tin could finish the Grand Slam at the club level.

Return to the World Cup, Wakif Bank for the name of Zhu Tin, the popularity of this World Cup is the highest of the eight teams, even more than the domestic volleyball of Zhejiang.

Many fans should feel that Zu Ting is not as tired as Wakif Bank's national team. Compared to the Chinese volleyball team, Zhu Ting is mainly attacking. The younger second passes Uzbey becomes more mature. After looking at several matches, she found that she gave the ball to the right.

Look at Wakif Bank. The main line is Zhu Ting, Robinson, Deputy Rasic and Slotyes, Karakult. Particularly the magician, Karakul, is impressive and the offense on the right is open, so Zhou Ting's offensive is much less.

Through these five games, I find that Zhou Ting is increasingly exhaustive. When the teammates attack the front terrain, it will fully support the pass and will protect the back. At the crucial moment when she has to get up, she can get up on time.

Such a player, everyone said the coach did not like it? And after Wakif Bank won the championship, the whole team took the car back to the hotel, and many of the players were celebrating in the car, but Zhu Tin was in the backseat and washes the phone.

Her victory looks in the past and what she has to do is win the next championship. The amazement is not shocking, if it is indifferent, it seems to be the real life of Zhu Ting.

Because of this attitude to life, Zhu Ting can always bring us one surprise after another. She said she was the first person in China's three main goals, no one should oppose.Go back to Sohu and see more

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