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Chucki Xuanyai's representative will join the former Polish international club last year, 3 goals and 8 assists – Ski, new season, Adrian, Yev, Jayta – Netease Sports

2019-02-13 14:45:06 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on February 13:

On February 13, in Beijing time, Chongqing Sway Club officially announced the signing of former foreign aid Yatai Adrian Mezeevsky.

33-year-old Adrian Mezeevski, a former Polish national midfielder, played in Jayta last year and played well, scored 3 goals and sent 8 assists.

Chongqing Sivey officially writes: "Leaving the old and meeting the new, and fighting again! The curtain of the new season is about to open and every team is making a new battle and preparing for it. The work of the Chongqing Contemporary Lufan Football Club is organized in an organized way, and training and signing are actively encouraged. According to Chongqing new Lifan football club of the new season strategic deployment and signing plan, as well as the addition of the foreign aid sector, on February 13, Beijing time, Chongqing Swee football team and Polish foreign aid Adrian Mezeevsky officially signed,

Meanwhile, the club hopes that Adrian will continue to work hard to contribute to the extraordinary appearances of Chongqing fans and to help Chongqing's Suey football team achieve further successes in the new season.

Yesterday, Chongqing Sivey officially announced the signing of Jayi Jiang's player and 97-year-old Yang Shuii of Liaozu.

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