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Club Med event: Localization of high-grade resorts 'bad illness' – Finance News

"In the past holidays, Med Med (the Mediterranean Club) has always been the first choice of our family, but this year we will review this question." Since 2011, Mr. Lynn is a fan of Club Med. Each year during the spring holiday, the holiday of the national holiday, Club Med's vacation with children and wives around the world is a unique pleasure.

On February 6 this year, Mr. Lin took his family to Club Med Heilongjiang Yabuli, whose son had just begun a systematic snowboard training in 2018. For this holiday, the family is waiting for a long time.

From the second day of stay, however, Mr. Lin's daughter and son had diarrhea, fever, and so on. Subsequently, Mr. Lynn and his wife also had similar symptoms.

At first, Mr. Lynn thought he and his family were infected with flu, but after talking to several tenants, he found that many families had similar symptoms.

On February 9, tenants spontaneously formed a group of sick people, WeChat, and Mr. Lynn said that more than 30 families joined the WeChat group that evening.

On February 10, the situation grew more serious, and Mr. Lyn suggested at the reception to conduct centralized statistics and provide medical assistance to sick passengers, but the reception was denied by a "lack of authority". At the reception, he wanted to say that such a major infection and Club Med must be inseparable, but the resort is unambiguous, even if 120 did not call, I just found a doctor in the city hospital to provide the stomach. Inflammatory medicine. "

By the afternoon of February 10, Harbin's CDC staff arrived at the resort to sample hotel food and sick passengers and the following day they confirmed that the patient was infected with Norovirus.

According to a number of tenants, including Mr Lynn, some of the tenants who had previously visited the hospital for their own treatment were told that they could be infected with the Norvory. They suggested at the reception that the hotel should disinfected on a large scale and full coverage, but this proposal was not accepted.

In addition, according to guests, on February 10, when a large-scale infection of the tenants occurs, Club Med Yabuli Resort still accepts new tenants, but at the same time has no responsible person to explain or apologize to the tenants. Club Med Yabuli Resort is far from the city and the demand for transport assistance from the resort is not fulfilled. "Tenants end up having their own taxis, ambulances or sick adventures."

According to some guests, by February 11, Club Med began to stop accepting new tenants and at the same time began providing systemic medical care and providing vehicles to the ward's users.

On Feb. 12, Club Med issued a formal notice that it had arranged a threefold comforting compensation for all the virus victims and a complete disinfection of the resort.

A senior hospitality industry insider told reporters that "Club Med, a global resort brand, actually has a response plan for large-scale epidemics and natural disasters. This is reflected in Club Med Abroad. By providing full systematic medical assistance, each organizer and each employee received the appropriate training, but in this incident we see that these emergency response capabilities that represent brand value are totally unreflected. Exit.

According to the information in the tenant's rights group, a large proportion of Yabuli Club Med staff consists of trainees who fail to provide assistance in the event of a serious incident.

One of the tenants said, "There is a child care area for children. I crashed and did not wear a mask. While the tenant does not remind me, he puts the mask. "

On this issue, the reporter has repeatedly contacted Club Med, but since the press, the other side has not responded positively.

The aforementioned hotel industry experts believe that the internationalized hotel and resort brands will come to China and the quality will be reduced to a certain extent. This is a common problem in the industry. "The more urgent the demand for profits, the more difficult it is for brands to maintain high quality, and the inevitable local hotel industry is scarce, and the inexperienced trainees and service staff who have not been systematically trained have become standard.

According to the insider industry, this Yabuli incident did not make a significant difference between the previous "one cloth at the same time, wiping the cup with the toilet, the toothbrush not sterilized, and the tenant not changing the leaves." "The development of hotel and resort brands should have Long-term awareness, it's not a profitable industry, but an industry that has to slowly win the customers and gradually withdraw from its contribution – this is the characteristic of the industry.

It is reported that Fosun Group owns about 98% of Club Med. The most important source of income for Fosun Travel, which is only IPO, is Club Med. The prospect shows that in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 30 June 2018. Over the past 6 months, Fosun's revenue was 8,902 billion yuan, 10,783 billion yuan, 11,799 billion yuan and 6,667 billion yuan, of which 100%, 100%, 99,7% and 95, respectively, 5% of total revenue. ,

Club MedLeadersfrom

I told reporters that Fosun did not send a management team to Club Med, but to Club Med.Outstanding Achievementfrom

The high demands made Club Med continue to accelerate localization in the Asia-Pacific region, allowing for faster profitability for new projects.

The Executive Director has shown that some local owners are not mature. Adopting hotel development as an example, the average for the world as a whole is satisfied with 4% to 5% return, but the internal capital costs are very high, 10% or even 20% return. No one is ready to vote, but at the same time, the overall rate of return of the local hotel industry is relatively low and does not meet the income expectations.

On the other hand, local authorities are very inclined to encourage the development of tourism, so many times the hotel developmentReal EstateThis is a packaging model that uses real estate to compensate for short-term cash incomes and uses the hotel as a type of investment regime that combines the burden of all land and assets, which is relatively rare abroad.

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