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Coconut palm juice says "from small to big" is not "chest" is "human" Do you believe? Daily Economic News

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The black packaging, the colorful slogan of the bottle, the bold contrast of red, yellow and blue, and the design of the small pole of the electric pole have been used for many years, and consumers are packing coconut milk products with the Coco brand. No stranger. I thought everyone was already immune to the advertising style of coconut palm juice, known as the "debit flow" in the advertising industry, but who knows that as soon as the coconut palm juice came in 2019, it became again hot demand for the latest version of the packaging. He has even been investigated by the local industrial and commercial bureau.

For a long time the Coconut Tree group has been using breast enhancement as one of the promotional points for coconut milk products, and the Daily Ekonomic News reporter has learned that in 2019 the new coconut palm replacement, the previous "30" In addition to "31 year-old, "the photo of the speaker Xu Dongdong is printed on the bottle, accompanied by the text: I grew from big to big. In addition, some netizens shot a controversial slogan about the Hakan coconut palm juice, and public opinion suddenly disappeared. In this regard, Deputy Director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Haikou Liu told reporters that the Bureau of Industry and Commerce has begun to investigate the issue of the 12th coconut palm juice advertising.

The Local Industrial and Commercial Bureau: The controversial slogans are available only on the street

The reporter noticed that the controversial advertisement for coconut palm juice is mainly divided into two aspects: one is the update of the product packaging, and the photo of the Xu Dongdong speaker is released from the overfilled bottle. Xu Dongdong on the picture is tight and curved. This content update package is not a problem in itself, but in combination with coconut palm juice has always been a "big chest" selling point, along with "I've grown up to the big" slogan printed to Xu Dongdong can not help , but let consumers imagine.

What actually sparked public opinion controversy was the content of some outdoor advertising of coconut palm juice, according to online reports, at the entrance of many Coca-Cola Palm store sales in Hainan, another variant of the poster was printed. Pan Chunchun, the ambassador of the chest race, was dressed in cool clothes and accompanied by more prominent advertising words. In the new year, coconut palm juice may want to be "debuted" with "boned breasts".

Liu's deputy director told the Daily Economic News reporter that the local industrial and commercial bureau had first seen the media report on the new dispute over the packaging of coconut palm milk from Weibo on February 12th, field to understand the situation. "It is now known that the Coconut Tree Group has not published relevant ads in Hainan's local media, and online information shows that there was no media available. Problem ads should only be placed on the street. Does the change in bottle decoration include advertising of marketing violations? In response, Deputy Director Liu replied that the Bureau of Industry and Commerce had already communicated with the Coconut tree group on 12th, but the company's security said that the coconut tree group had not yet started work and should to wait until the first month of the 16th month, so the results of the interim investigation have not yet expired. At the same time, he reminded reporters that progressive progress can be understood through public channels, such as the Bureau of Industry and Trade.

According to the news, quoted by the Coconut staff, the company has never advertised the "light effect" and "drinking from big to big" is what Xu Dongdong said. "It is said that when she started her mother she put coconut palm juice in the fridge and gave her the meaning of not saying that her breasts were too big to drink," the employees said.

However, an article published in the 2009 edition of the Oriental Daily in Hong Kong entitled "Coconut juice for chest augmentation" was published on the homepage of the Coconut Tree official website. The content of the coconut itself has an effect of inguinal nourishment and reinforcement of the kidneys. It can also kill internal parasites.

Expert: Local cocoa juice should benefit from "urban youth"

The unique style of packing of coconut palm juice in the industry is an integral part of the help of founder Wang Guangxing, whose founder is very experienced in product decoration. According to the data, Wang Guangxing was appointed director of the Haikou Cannery Factory, the predecessor of the Coconut Tree group in 1986. Previously, Wang Guangsing worked as an art worker at the Worker Cultural Palace in Haikou, and the first work on joining the Haikou Factory was art and paper. According to local media reports in Hainan, Van Guangxi also wrote a paper on packaging design in 1984: "How do we improve the decoration to encourage production and create a new situation?" It was published at the Hainan Packaging and Decorations Academic Research Conference and was named Hainan Excellent Scientific Paper II. And other awards.

Although the coconut palm pack wrapped by Wang Guangxing has been repeatedly spit for "painting and singularity", Wang Guangxing's involvement in designing product packaging may simply not want to "show the show" or "like the outside world ". The mind is hot. According to the Beijing News report, Wang Guangxing worked in Haikou Beverage Factory before joining the Haikou canning industry. He then replaced the designer packaging, which allowed the Congratulations of jujube wine to open the market and help the beverage factory for the first time. Turn losses into profits and get out of trouble. With the relevant experience, Wang Guangxing believes that the packaging of the product itself is a propaganda of the product and requires maximum development. Wang Guangxing has repeatedly participated in the design of the coconut tree product packaging.

Thirty years after the introduction of coconut palm juice, the Coconut Tree group has long been using the bottle decoration design under the guidance of Wang Guangxing, and it was a great selling point like "chest augmentation" and "health". Meanwhile, local and international drinks brands have long struggled for the benefit of young consumers by shaping a more modern and friendly brand image. Can the marketing strategy of coconut palm juice be effective in the future, as decades ago?

In this regard, Kelly Consumer Index Director-General Major China Jan Jiang told reporters that it is true that many drinks are high-quality or unique packaging routes to attract young consumers and hope to stand out from competition like packages for expressing, social feelings, strong packaging, etc., the social communication power of packaging has a certain stimulating impact on sales. Of course, it is difficult to tell which type of packaging will help with sales. "Coco has to be seen as a classic brand, really on the packaging of the product. There have been no major changes in recent decades, but as the market becomes more competitive, they also hope to create more themes in different ways.

Yan Jian believes that current users of coconut palm juice are not young consumers in key cities, and in the coconut juice segmentation, coconut palm juice will be eaten by emerging categories such as coconut water and even some juices. Brand Competition. "For coconut products, ultimately, whether they can cope with time, today is a challenge to conquer the youth city club."

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