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Creating the original design value of Chinese clothing, China International Fashion Week, Oriental Fashion Day, the perfect ending

With the closing ceremony of EP Yaying Night – Closing Ceremony of the China International Summer Fashion and the 2018 China Fashion Awards, the spring and summer series China International Fashion Week 2019 ended successfully, and the Oriental Fashion Center also ushered in a golden autumn in Beijing. The result!

Oriental Jean Clothing Center & Mrs.

At China International Fashion Week and Oriental Fashion Day in October, Wang Chenguang, the signatory designer of the Oriental Fashion Center, launched the spring and summer collection of CHENGGUANG WANG 2019 with the theme "霰"; Yang Jingjing & Sun Ting joined their brand Jean & Nylah. The "Iceland Night" theme brings a visual party to the audience.

Yang Jingjing, the designer of the Oriental Fashion Center, has been well received and won 24 of the "Top Ten Chinese Fashion Designers" at the China International Fashion Week for his extraordinary strength and extraordinary design talent.

At the China International Fashion Week 2019 fashion party, China International Fashion Week and Oriental Fashion Day series sponsored by the Oriental Fashion Center were successfully held in the first workshop 751D ARK PARK. Yang Jingjing and Sun Ting, the signatories of the Oriental Fashion Center, presented a fashion show featuring the theme "Icelandic Morning". It was understood that this was also the third special release event staged at the first "Fashion Fashion Day".

At the China International Fashion Week which has just ended, this release was inspired by Iceland's cold and strong natural landscape, a mysterious view of day and night, rich in layers and unexpected.

With the theme "Iceland Night", it is divided into four series: "Shang", "Crack", "He" and "Yao":

The color of the "Shang" series is mainly black and cream, inspired by unique Icelandic views. The use of hand-painted strokes and the use of pearl mesh are artistic and layered.


The "Crack" series is dominated by black and white, symbolizing the sky that alternates between Iceland and night, very smooth and free. This series uses a combination of design techniques, simple and rich in design and pleasure.


The "He" series is a continuation of the "Crack" series. It adopts a large black and white checkerboard pattern, which combines black and white and layered.

"合 合"

The "Yao" series uses water-soluble lace with a black and red pattern, inspired by a typical Icelandic volcanic landscape, such as sparkling fireworks on a dark, mysterious and low night.


This release shows a concise and connotative design pursuit, color block collisions, decomposition and reorganization of structures, and a soft and fair one, also conveys a person-oriented design concept in the overall design style.

The past and present are not dualistic, they are limitless in pursuing independent thinking and subtle life, and are not trapped in any circumstances, freedom, freedom, sexiness, and sensitivity. "

Both designers create the Jean & Nylah brand with a deep understanding of fashion and lifestyle, and the pursuit of timeless modernity and unique design.

Jean & Nylah's brand believes that independent women must be firm in controlling their own lives, paying attention to their appearance and being sensitive to real quality. Combining unique and deep views of Northern Europe with Chinese culture is also the essence of the Jean & Nylah brand.

Each of the China International Fashion Week and Oriental Fashion Day events was organized by the Oriental Fashion Center and organized by Beijing Fashion Show Technology Co., Ltd.

Fashion Show, as a professional design service provider, is known as Beijing Fashion Show Technology Co., Ltd., and was founded in April 2015 by Qingdao Zhongfang Yilian Fashion Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd., positioning itself as a professional designer service provider. Around the trend release platform, the original trading platform design, designer incubation platform to provide designers with a variety of complete services.

The company provides an ecosystem of collection, communication and sharing of original designers by providing designers with information and data analysis, online learning courses, production channel development, brand promotion, distribution channel distribution, investment incubation and other professional services.

At present, core operations are carried out through fashion show subscription numbers. Through smart big data mode and analysis, designers and industries provide mode index analysis services, quickly getting color, pattern and analysis of event category data, helping to improve design efficiency and make designs simpler. The designer service system is a fashion show for a group of designers, according to the different stages of the designer to provide a different depth of service standards. At present, we divide our core user groups into four categories: certified designers, cooperative designers, contract designers, and investment incubators.

Fashion Mall is a fashion show developed for a team of designers, who provide designers with tools for order, customers and transaction management. As a fashion show, this is an important part of the service experience extension, helping designers to manage goods more efficiently. And make transactions safely. And with the continuous development of fashion malls, more designer products will be presented to everyone through fashion malls, looking forward to more designers to join our fashion show! (Chongqing Morning News reprinted article)

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