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Daxi Naomi, the birth of the Asian new ball – Chinanews

He won the first two Grand Slam tournaments of the individual before Serena did not open the US and Australia.

Otsuka Naomi, the birth of the Asian new ball

On January 26, the Australian Open season 2019 took place in the women's singles final. This game defined the key battle for the first in the world in Asia, and after the game was rated as the most intense finale in recent years by fans.

In the game 21-year-old Japanese new sharp Naoki lost four points to the championship and winning set and lost set but still from 7 to 6 (2), 5 to 7, 6 to 4 points before 6 The famous player of the Czech Republic, Kvitova, not lost.

At the end of Kova's 11-game winning streak, Otsuka Naomi took the Daphne Cup from champion Li Five years ago. The winning Grand Slam series of the 14th wins two – this way the Japanese star next week is ranked first in the world in the world rankings, becoming the first female singles ball in Asia.


The best game

This game is the best match in the Australian Open finals in recent years. From the first set, they entered the cruel battle between Mars and Earth. The big straight hairdresser scored directly, and after the success of the guarantee the victory was sealed with 6-4.

The second set came to 5 to 3, and Dagu Jimime three points for the championship. But stubborn Kvitova saved one by one. As his opponent broke up, Da Yu Zhimei moved from touch to the trophy and immediately separated thousands of miles.

Going into the third set, Otsuka Naomi came out of the previous impatience. Although he broke the first one, he also forced 3 points to Cova's next service. But Corva's iron nerve helped her turn the tide. With great rights and the United States for hair protection, the score again reaches 5 to 3. Kova learned the lesson, smoothly guaranteed the pressure and the pressure went to the great and fair beauty that came into the winning game. At that time it was raining and the game was stopped. The age of the big game, however, is rich in experience. She was not affected by the suspension, she was using the opportunity at the three points of the championship and won the match.

Lee rewards her

When Li Na was in black, she appeared as a guest at the award ceremony, and there were warm applause on the stage. At the presentation of Li Na, the host said: "It has been five years since she won the Australian Open, her speech at that time was very memorable." Lee smiled at the audience.

Kvitova climbed the stage to get the silver plate. The Czech girl who missed the championship sounded a bit strangled: "It's madness, I can not believe I came back to the Grand Slam final, and it's my honor to win this prize."

Li Na also then awarded the trophy to the Oscuka Naomi championship. Prior to US Open last year, Li Na also took a group photo with Daxie Zhimei and Chinese players. And encouraged them to stand out in the next game.

Today, the dream of a great dream come true – when the Grand Slam champion is taken from the idol, Dame Jimmei's voice is also shaken. "Today's hot weather, you can still watch the ball, I have to thank you, thanks to my team, I can not go that far without your support."

This is now the second Grand Slam championship trophy. Despite being cautious at the awards ceremony, in today's world tennis no one dared to ignore this new world champion.

A big plan

She was ranked 72nd last year.

Otsuka Naomi is a mixed child, her mother is a Japanese, and her father is a Haitian, because of her dark skin and her extraordinary power, she is known as "Japanese Serena".

Over the past year, Otsuka Naomi has brought too much shock to women's tennis.

In this Australian Open final, Daxie Naomi's three sets of fierce battles, Ke Kevitova, made their way to winning the US Open and Australian Open and won the first two Grand Slam finals. And this is the height that Williams has not even reached.

After becoming the new world leader, it also created a new story of Asian tennis, breaking the second rank of Li Na in the world. What's more, Daxie Zhimei has achieved all this time in less than a year.

At that time, fans did not focus their attention last year, and it's not even clear who the big guy is. In the end, her world ranking was only 72, and she has not won any WTA championship.

In the 2018 Australian Open, Otsuka Naoki entered the fourth round and for the first time in his career entered the Grand Slam second week. However, she is not the most admired in the world of tennis. Since she won the biggest prize in the Indian Wells Championship and won the Grand Slam at the US Open final, the Japanese new blade really won the center of the world.

But she has not stopped – no one can think that her next goal is to win again with the US Open and the Australian Open. Naoki Naomi not only achieved this goal but also achieved the victory of his first two Grand Slam finals.

Otsuka Naomi also refreshed the Asian tennis record and became the first Asian player to rank first in world tennis ever since the ranking system was placed. Li Na also won two Grand Slam titles, but her highest ranking is second in the world.

Where is Dagu Jimei's border? Nobody can leave a comment. This year she is only 21 years old, showing her unlimited opportunities. After winning the Grand Slam in 1999, the world tennis world is known as Serena. Today black skin, strength is no lower than prestige, strength is stronger and can become the new ruler of world tennis.

This fresh energy from Asia can bring about changes in the world of tennis in the world. Whether it can help Asian tennis to increase its strength, it is worth it.

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